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WarpEm – Are You Fast Enough?

WarpEm (by Askpi Systems) looks like a simplistic game on the the surface, but as you progress in the gameplay it becomes more challenging throughout the 10 levels and 3 difficulty modes. This game will test your speed and reflex skills as you move simple objects to a stationary warping area, an elusive moving warp area, as well as multiple warp areas.

There are 2 player modes: single player and two player (on same device).  Your main objective is to beat the clock by warping all objects before time runs out, or in two player mode faster than your opponent. Although the game mechanics and graphics are indie in feel, the gameplay  is challenging. WarpEm may not have an abundance of game levels, but the difficulty ramps up quickly and all the levels can be replayed, allowing you to better your previous completion times.

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The two player feature adds a competitve edge and turns the iPad into a fun test of dexterity against any willing opponent you can find. WarpEm is simple yet challenging, especially when you get past the first few levels —  are you fast enough to WarpEm all? Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

WarpEm iPad App Details

Title: WarpEm
Price: $0.99
Size: 26.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Askpi Systems
Store: iTunes App Store

WarpEm iPad App Download Link

WarpEm - Kalana Jayatilake

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WarpEmi Pad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
The best game for exercising and increasing your reaction time.

“WarpEm is a simple game with 10 levels and a local multiplayer mode.However in some levels it moves around so its not as easy at it seems. ” HotMacApps.

Also an app to improve hand coordination skills.

A game which two player can play using same device.

The main objective of the game is to warp the items displayed on the screen before the time runs out.

This is a game which requires the user to warp out objects on the screen. It is not easy as it sounds. Higher the level harder it is to play even physically.

You can play all by yourself or challenge a friend.


*10 unique levels single play
*10 unique dual play levels
*3 level of difficulty
*Facebook integration
*Easy to use UI with graphics

This is great for kids to practice coordination skills and exercise their arms and fingers.

Check out the game!!!

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