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Watch The Best Super Bowl Ads With This Super Bowl App – And LOL!

Super Bowl Ads Super Bowl App Review

Yes, it’s true. We all love watching the NFL’s biggest football game of year – a.k.a. The Super Bowl. And most of us can’t wait to be entertained by the halftime show. But it’s the funniest and best Super Bowl ads starring our favorite celebrities, cars, food, drinks, and more that keep the football game excitement going.

Part of all the fun in the Super Bowl game hype is watching the best Super Bowl ads and commercials that come out each year for the biggest companies and favorite brand name products we all love in America. And if you missed out on the best Super Bowl ads this year or just can’t get enough of them, you can watch the latest Superbowl commercial videos and more on your iPhone, iPad or Android with the Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials app. Not only do you get this year’s best Super Bowl ads, but you can watch the best Super Bowl commercials spanning over the last 7 years, as well as the “Best all-time ads” from the last 4 decades.

Read the Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercial App Details

The Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials app is an iOS Universal Entertainment app that aggregates all these Super Bowl commercials for you, using videos hosted and played on YouTube. You’ll have access to plenty of Super Bowl related commercials and content, which is continuously updated. The developer, APPBURST, did a nice job of categorizing the commercial content and providing simple ways to quickly find the best Super Bowl commercial videos you’re looking for.

iPhone Super Bowl Ads App

This Super Bowl app gives you 2 main categories to view your favorite Super Bowl ads and commercials: Super Ads and Super Brands. I had no problem finding a few of my favorite commercials seen during the recent Super Bowl game. There’s also nice “Search Video” functionality that allowed me to search and find all the available Super Bowl videos by an actor’s name, company or brand. You also have the option to bookmark your favorite Best Super Bowl ads, to have on hand when you want to watch them again or share them with your family and friends. Or you can share your best Super Bowl commercial videos with others on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

There are a couple of other worthy features to point out about the 2 main app categories. While in the “Super Ads” category, you can find Super Bowl ads by year, starting with this year’s new Super Bowl commercials, promotional videos and teaser videos. The Super Bowl video categories date back to the year 2006. And for those of you who prefer to cut right to the best Super Bowl ads, browse the “All-Time Super Ads.” Or view the “Awesome Non-Super Bowl Ads” for some of the most memorable commercial ads ever.

Best Super Bowl Ads iPhone App

And if you’re a diehard of a particular brand, this Super Bowl app lets you browse your favorite brands by checking out the 40 available channels in the “Super Brands” category. You’ll find brands like Best Buy, Coke, Disney, Doritos,, Sealy, Sony, The X Factor, Universal Pictures, and so on. However, I didn’t find these videos as entertaining. One other thing to point out, while I was testing this app I encountered 1 missing video and some slow load-times on my iPhone for a few of the selected YouTube videos I wanted to watch.

Overall View of This Best Super Bowl Ads App

The Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials app is a pretty good mobile app that conveniently aggregates the best past and new Super Bowl ads and commercials for you. If you want another look the top Budweiser, Doritos, Snickers and other best Super Bowl ads, download this Super Bowl app for your iPhone, iPad or Android. And best of all, this Entertainment app is free for a limited time.

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