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Get your ninja skills ready as you will need them while playing the new hit iPhone game Ninja Pong. Just the name sounds cool — “Ninja Pong.” This iPhone game has a very nice feel from the zen-like graphics to the zen-like music — wasn’t imposing and did not get on my nerves during the game. There are 2 game modes, arcade (best score you can achieve in 60 seconds) and endless. There are a variety of lands that you are able to play in, but more can be unlocked and there are already updates on the horizon, which is good sign. The object of both game modes is to save as many ninjas as you can by safely helping them cross from left to right over a river using, yes, your pong paddle. There are bombs and flaming arrows that will burn down your wooden pong paddle, but no worries because there are paddle power-ups, point power-ups and gold coins to collect. The gold coins can be used to buy specific power-ups and buy your ninja some pretty fancy head gear. Ninja Pong is already in the New and Noteworthy section in Apple in just one day — don’t be surprised if you see this in the top 100 very soon. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. CM

iphone game reviewsiphone app review

Ninja Pong iPhone App Details

Title: Ninja Pong
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 11.7 MB
Developer: “ALIEN WORM” Marcin Konczakowski
Store: iTunes App Store

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Ninja Pong -

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Ninja Pong iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
In the specialized Ninja Master training one skill is extremely important.

The skill in Bouncing.

In the tough Ninja’s life full of spying, sabotage and infiltration there is always something to jump over. You have to stay focused and concentrated if you don’t want to fall dawn. It becomes more complicated if you’re a tiny Ninja with gigantic head and you have to deal with a precipice larger than you could have ever imagined!

Bounce over thousands of brave warriors just by touching the screen and moving your finger horizontally. Stay out of bombs and arrows. Catch all bonuses, special Ninjas and pass incredible Nights. With two gameplay modes, diverse lands, many achievements, different leaderboards and a lot of additional, unlockable content and gameplay modifications you will keep coming back to the addictive bouncing more often than you think! Lose yourself in Ninja Pong!


✔ 4 beautiful, detailed lands where you can enjoy the pure pleasure of bouncing
✔ Extremely simple but insanely addictive MOVE & BOUNCE gameplay!
✔ Tiny Ninjas
✔ Awesome bonuses
✔ Arcade & Endless gameplay modes
✔ A lot of additional, unlockable content and gameplay modifications
✔ Gorgeous HD Retina graphics – looks dead good on iPhone 4S/4
✔ Game Center with 33 tricky achievements and 7 different leaderboards
✔ Facebook & Twitter integrations – show high scores to your friends
✔ “Gift This App” option makes it easy to share Ninjas with friends
✔ Supports both the latest devices (iPhone 4S/4) and older models (iPhone 3G)

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☯ Please don’t bounce ninjas during drive – Ninja Pong is extremely addictive!

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