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Weather HD Mac App – No Other Forecasts Needed


Weather conditions have always been a source of fascination for me, and watching them in action is that much cooler. Since living in Florida, I have experienced my share of direct-hit hurricanes with my initial view of the imposing storms seen as brightly colored green, yellow, and red radar images plowing towards our state. Back then I used a variety of weather websites to keep me in the know. Now, I have Weather HD for the Mac, and there is no need for any other website weather forecasts. This app appeared in the Mac App Store in May 2011 and has been updated 7 times, initially selling for $3.99. It is currently on sale for the ridiculously low price of $0.99. If you have a Mac and have even the slightest interest in weather, you’ll dig watching the awesome weather animations in this app.

The app allows you to track weather in cities all over the world by easily adding them in the settings area. You can track more than just a 7 day forecast you can also view a wide variety of maps including radar, satellite, humidity, temperature, and more in a very nice HD setting. You can navigate through your selected cities and the maps will update after a few seconds with real-time weather condition data. Weather HD has several settings options in addition to a small menu bar temp and weather icon that sit in your Mac menu bar for your #1 city. One can’t help but notice the very nice HD display.


The HD display is where you access all of the weather maps, Moon phases, as well as all severe weather updates. The display can be set to various sizes and looks really beautiful with a live wallpaper image, and allows for the local time for the city selected to also be shown, which is another nice feature for anyone who works with others around the world. The best part about this app is that you are not beaten to death with advertisements: no pop ups, no videos, no GIF’s, just weather the way you want it when you want it beautifully displayed on your Mac. Weather HD is definitely a keeper app — and frankly, I am disappointed I did not discover this app much earlier. If you use this Mac Weather app, please let us know what your experience has been like.

Weather HD Features:

➤ Accurate weather forecast all-around the world supporting more than 2 million locations, with 7-day and 3-hourly forecasts.
➤ Stunning high-definition animations that depict the weather conditions.
➤ Animated Radar map in the U.S., Canada and Australia.
➤ Weather maps including Satellite, Temperature, Humidity and much more.
➤ Detailed moon phases information including sunrise and sunset.
➤ Customizable temperature notifications per city.
➤ QuickMenu in the toolbar for quick access to the current weather conditions and alerts.
➤ Severe Alerts in the U.S. and Europe.
➤ On-screen clock that can be set to show either your time, or every city’s local time.
➤ Weather data provided by world-class weather provider The Weather Underground.

Clear Day – (Formerly Weather HD) Mac App Download Link

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