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Wedding Game – Wedding Garden HD, iPad Game

The iPad wedding game called Wedding Garden HD challenges you to rebuild a fixer-upper island to prepare for your wedding day in this free time-management strategy game featuring a tropical island, lots of different buildings to build, crops to plant, and new territory to explore as you get ready to pull off the biggest day of your life! Your big day is fast approaching (that is your wedding day), but the lush tropical island you’re getting married on is trashed and it is up to you and your bride “to be” to fix it up and make things look nice.

You start off humbly in this wedding game app tilling soil and tending to crops. The crops you reap will be used in variety of quests, which is how you level up: unlocking more crops, buildings, animals, etc. The quests range from a variety of normal to odd activities or accomplishments you need to complete. For example, the first major quest is to build a beach bar for your bachelor party. You have to harvest a cocoa crop, build a chocolate factory, then make some chocolate to get the first part of the bar built. As you can imagine there is a lot to get done in preparation for your big wedding day. Just like in real life, good time management is key in this wedding game.

Everything takes time to get done (as we all know too well). Where we strive to do A-Z on most days, we almost always come up short, sometimes only getting to A or B tasks done. This game highlights your ability to multi-task and keep on top of multiple quests (4 or more) at a time. Thankfully there are 2 of you, the groom and bride, and both have separate duties on the island. You will find during the game that you will have icons that pop up above farm plots, factories, buildings, animals, etc, which means you need to do something or gather something. Also, When I left the game for an hour or 2, when I returned, I had a whole slew of things to do (to get caught up on) because my bride and groom (and the builders) continued to work while I was doing something else. While this game is free, it has 2 in app currencies, crystals and gold coins. You will earn both in the game, but not as many crystals as you will coins. The crystals can be used to increase the speed of most anything, but it comes at a premium cost, as they say “Time is money.”


Wedding Garden HD is a very fun game to play, and this wedding game has brilliant, humorous and well done graphics — not to mention game speed, amount of game content, and overall game concept. You almost feel like you’ve been left on a deserted island for real and are fixing it up, except for the builders that appear out of nowhere: the old man and old woman who give you quests and announce your rewards — so maybe not, maybe a little more like the reality TV show — Survivor? I will also have to be honest, the name of this app immediately made me think of it as a game app that would appeal to girls, but after playing this wedding game I am a big fan. Wedding Garden HD does a great job of intertwining a fun story, great graphics and excellent value gameplay into this free strategy-time-management iPad game.

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