Wee Pray – Pray with Me, iPhone App To Pray with Kids When You Can’t!

Pray with your kids, grand children, or love ones even when you cannot be there in person with Wee Pray – Pray with Me. This iOS Universal Lifestyle app was created by Dawn Kempf, the developer who turned a simple idea into a kid friendly and memorable application that the whole family will enjoy.

Wee Pray – Pray with Me features 6 slots to upload a picture, frame, and then up to 4 personalized prayer recordings. As an example, I put myself into the app as CrazyMike (as if I could be anyone or anything else) with an image from my camera roll. You can take a new picture as well. I framed it with one of several frames, and then I easily recorded 4 different prayers. Once setup is complete, your kids, wife, family, friends (who have the iDevice with the app on it) can return to a profile and listen to any of the 4 different prayers recorded in that person’s voice. Wee Pray – Pray with Me is an excellent app to keep the family strong in prayer, especially when you’re apart.

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iphone app reviews

Wee Pray – Pray with Me iPhone App Details

Title: Wee Pray – Pray with Me
Price: $1.99
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 15.5
Developer: Dawn Kempf
Store: iTunes App Store

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Wee Pray - Pray with Me - Dawn Kempf

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Wee Pray – Pray with Me App Developers Description

Record your special prayer or message for your child or grandchild to play when they need to hear your voice.

Wee Pray is more than just an app for prayers. It’s a must for any family separated by distance! So whether you are a parent that travels on business, lives apart from your children, are in the military and deployed away from your loved ones, or a grandparent that is 10 minutes, 10 miles or a world apart from your grandchildren you are going to want to put Wee Pray on at least one of your iOS devices.
MaggieB Apps for iPads

Long distant grandparents want their grandchildren to be able to recognize their face and voice even though miles separate them. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, then maybe, just maybe, those horrific miles might not be so bad. The application Wee Pray – Pray With Me can make your separation easier to bear.

With Wee Pray, you create a special prayer or message by simply tapping your finger on the screen and talking. You can send a morning or evening prayer to your grandchildren. Or encouragement for the first day of school, an upcoming piano recital, or a soccer game. Or a simple I-love-you-and-am-thinking-about-you message.
DigiGram Grandma Ideas.com

Wee Pray – Pray with Me is an app that can help kids feel safe and loved through recorded messages from family and friends who are not beside them at the moment. I liked that it’s easy to setup for parents. It’s also easy for the kids to use on their own by tapping on the photos of the person they want to “pray with them”. Or listen to the recorded messages sent to them. By receiving these love messages from friends and other family members who are far away and being able to play them immediately when they want to, kids will always feel safe and be reassured that they are loved!

4 of 5 stars – Mommy Moment

This is a great app for leaving your thoughts, prayers,well wishes and a host of other personal messages for your child or family member when you can’t be there in person to deliver them. I give this app 5 stars and highly recommend it.
Life with Trisha!

“This is a must have application on your iPad if you are a parent that travels for business, deployed in the military, share custody etc. basically any situation where you are not there when your child says their bedtime prayers.”
The iPhone Addict

“the ideal app if you are out for their bedtime. Maybe you have work commitments or you are out late. Family members like aunties and grandparents would like to leave messages for your children.”
Marion Votta Product Reviews Net

In my opinion, the best thing about this app is the fact that a message can be recorded on one Wee Pray –Pray with Me and then emailed to another Wee Pray owner. This allows any family member, no matter how far away, to record their special message and then send it as a gift for those times they can’t be there. You can also upload your own pictures to the Wee Pray App, another great feature.
Stephanie Stevens The WM Review Connection

This is a really beautiful app, particularly for those parents who are away or grandparents who don’t get to see their grandchildren that often.
There are many uses for this app, particularly when we have SN children.

Dawn Kempf is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: all
Categories: Parents, Special Needs, Creative Play

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