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Save Money with the Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money iPhone Finance App

Want to discover an easy way to save money using your iPhone? If so, you will want to read on to find out how the Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money app can help you do just that, with a few simple finger taps.

While you may have good intentions when it comes to being financially responsible, if you are like me you don’t use any kind of budget method to track your spending and income. But read any finance book or ask any bookkeeper/CPA and they will tell you that a budget is a must for any company to be successful.

And if it hasn’t already dawned on you, your personal and household finances are in essence a small business. You have revenue coming in and expenses going out, but if you’re not tracking them both (revenue and expenses) you are probably wasting more money than you should – and in the end not being as fiscally responsible as you could be.

Weekly Budget - An Easy Way To Save Money iPhone App Review Video

Being financially responsible and knowing exactly what your incoming money and outgoing expenses are doesn’t have to be a tedious and time consuming task. That is where the Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money iPhone Finance app comes in handy. It helps you easily track both spending and income in a super simple method. So let’s take a look and see just what this app has to offer.

Weekly Budget Overview

Right out of the gate you find out that this budget planner app is different from most other budget apps. Weekly Budget’s simplicity begins at the opening screen, which is your weekly dashboard to see what your budget status is during any weekly time period. This screen immediately lets you know where you stand with your money. Are you in the red or the green?

You will know when you see the big horizontal colored bar, either green (if you are within your budget) or red (if you are over budget). But before you jump right into a weekly budget time period, you should know that you can change a few settings to customize your “weekly budget.” To keep the app very easy to use, there are only a few weekly time period settings you can change. These changes are your weekly budget amount, weekly starting day, the option to roll over any extra money from a previous time period, currency type, and whether you want your current budget amount shown on the app icon.

Once you have all your weekly budget time period settings the way you want them, all you have to do is start tracking your spending and income.

iPhone App Review for the Weekly Budget Planner App

Tracking Your Spending and Income Has Never Been So Easy

At the bottom center of your main screen (dashboard screen) there is an “Add New Entry” tab that allows you to add spending and income. Once tapped on, you get a basic entry template that has a category selection and money amount, this template is the same for spending and income. Once you enter your category and money amount, tap “Save Money” and your entry is added to the day you made the entry. You can always edit an entry by tapping on it. For any previously added entry, you can change the date, money amount, and category.

All in all, I think it takes about :05 or :10 seconds to make either a spending or income entry. The easy spending and income entry process will appeal to those of you who are looking for an “super easy way” to track your money, in lieu of trying to master a complicated and feature-rich budget app.

iPhone App Review for Weekly Budget - An Easy Way to Save Money

Other Helpful Features

The Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money comes with numerous pre-loaded categories, but you can easily add any category you would like, delete those you do not like, and tag categories as favorites for even quicker adding of spending and income. Now that you are tracking your weekly budget, you may want to export your weekly budget data for other uses. You can do just that using email as an Excel file or using iTunes. Either way, it’s very easy to do. Lastly, there is a history section that allows you to filter weekly budget periods by Date, Time, Money, and Group. The history section also allows you to look at previous and future weekly budget time periods.

At the end of the day, I know I could personally do a much better job of tracking my spending and income, and the Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money is a no brainer app to help me do just that. So if you are looking for an app you will really use to track your finances on a weekly basis, give the Weekly Budget app a try. There is also a Monthly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money app by the same developer (AppsBees) for those who want to track finances on a monthly basis.

Get your download of Weekly Budget below using our iTunes download link (affiliate link).

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Developer: AppsBees
iOS iPhone Finance App, Cost: $0.99, v. 1.0
Weekly Budget - An Easy Way to Save Money
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 07/26/2014
A simple to use weekly budget app that only requires a few finger taps to record spending and income.
4 / 5 stars

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