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WeHeartPics – Tell Your Life Story Through Pictures

WeHeartPics is a photography app that focuses on meaningful social sharing of everyday life through organized photo-story formats that let the photos tell it all. The ease of sharing with this FREE photography app is as quick as a tap here and a tap there for everyday events that can range from a beautiful sunset to as powerful as your baby’s first steps. The user interface is nicely designed into main story categories with big titles like “About Me” and “Family & Friends” that include numerous sub-categories that are relevant to each of the larger subjects to make sharing super easy, very organized, and in an interesting story format presentation. Of course there are several social aspects to this app as well, I logged in by using my Facebook account, but in addition to that you can subscribe to others in the WeHeartPics’ community in order to view their photo life stories. Also, your photos are not limited to those that you take from within the app because you can also use your camera roll/photo stream photos, as well as import photos from Instagram. Another great sharing feature is that you can share pictures from others through both Twitter and Facebook, as well as your own life stories.

FREE iPhone Photography App Reviews - WeHeartPicsFREE iPhone Photography App Reviews - WeHeartPics

WeHeartPics allows you to create a user profile complete with your own thumbnail and background image, as well as your own story by using the categories that the app currently provides. Once subscribed to others, you can view your activity and theirs in your timeline — and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. You have an opportunity to like/love photos; WeHeartPics has a big white heart attached to every picture that can be turned red with the tap of a finger showing that you like, or in this case love that picture. WeHeartPics is a pretty cool FREE social/photography app that allows you to share your everyday life with others and be connected to some of the larger social networks for times when words just aren’t meaningful enough. Be sure to watch the Video App Demo for WeHeartPics below for a complete walkthrough of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

WeHeartPics iPhone App Details

Title: WeHeartPics
Price: Free
Category: Photography
Size: 9.3 MB
Developer: Deep Sea Marketing S.A
Store: iTunes App Store

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WeHeartPics - Deep Sea Marketing S.A.

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WeHeartPics iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

WeHeartPics is a service that highlights the aspects of your life through collections of photos. It effectively organizes your life’s fragmented moments into consistent stories. Also, the app helps you to create great photos. And above all, it allows you to take care of real lives of your real friends.



Status updates, tweets and check-ins distract us from real life. WeHeartPics stands against meaningless sharing. We want to connect you with the most significant parts of your friends’ lives: the real parts, expressed through photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s a lot more fun to see snapshots of your friends’ lives than it is to read about them.


People are eager to see what your everyday life is like, no matter how ordinary it may seem. Even your old boots can tell a thing or two about you. And what do you really know about your friends? Do you know what their favorite shirt looks like? How about their favorite food? WeHeartPics organizes pictures of the little things in life to tell a bigger story. All you do is put photos in their proper places.


Look at the world through the eyes of friends and strangers. Take a shot of the view outside
your window and compare it with other photos from Russia, Spain or Thailand. Using WeHeartPics is like opening a window to other people’s worlds. You’ll be surprised to see how diverse we are.


WeHeartPics was developed around the idea that pictures hold a central place in our lives. It’s only natural that we surround our interface with photos. See how our sleek and organic design enhances the photo-sharing experience by turning ordinary pictures into fresh eye candy.

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