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Best Free Calorie and Weight Tracker App, Lose It! to Lose Weight Now

If you’ve packed on a few unwanted pounds over this past year, or holiday season, you’ll definitely want this free calorie and weight tracker app. Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter is one of the best free weight loss apps in the iTunes App Store. This top rated Health & Fitness app makes it extremely easy to set a weight loss goal, track your daily food and exercise, as well the number of calories consumed and burned. But Lose It! doesn’t just track food, exercise and calories. This free weight loss app also provides additional features, motivational support, and more to keep you on the road to weight loss success.

Lose It Is An Awesome Weight Tracker AppWeight Tracker App - Lose It For iPhone

After providing a little personal information, I was able to setup my custom weight loss plan, which includes figuring out how much weight to lose, how long it’s going to take, and how hard you’re willing to work to lose that weight. The “My Plan” weight loss choices range from 1/2 lb. per week to 2 1/2 lbs. per week. Based on the amount you want to lose and how fast, a goal date is given, along with a daily calorie consumption budget.  Mine was a total of 1,623 calories a day, since I opted to lose my 8 lbs. at a rate of 1/2 lb. per week (with a May end goal date).

To reap the benefits of this free calorie counting and weight tracker app, you’ll need to log your food and exercise daily. Lose It! has 5 preset categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Exercise. Logging your food data is as easy as typing the food name into the “Search” box to bring back results from the app’s extensive database.

You can also scan packaged food using the barcode functionality, which is even better. All your food entries will be included in your “My Foods” category, making it a snap for you to log your daily food consumption, especially if you eat the same items each day. Lose It! even allows you to add a previous whole meal using the “Previous Meal” category. For additional ease of functionality, this weight tracker app also has an extensive Brand Name data base that includes “Supermarket Foods” and “Restaurant Foods” categories.

Best Weight Loss App Review Lose ItGet The Best Weight Tracker App For Your iPhone

As far as logging exercise, I was surprised by the range of exercise types listed in the A-Z database, which includes: Archery, Broomball, Carpentry, Frisbee, Gardening, House Cleaning, Home Repair, Juggling, Lawn Mowing, Sexual Activity, and much more. Based on the time you spent working out will determine the number of calories burned and amount subtracted from your daily calorie budget.

In addition to all this great functionality, this calorie and weight tracker app makes it easy to see your daily progress, which is displayed on the home screen. You’ll see your daily calorie budget and calories consumed for the day, your daily nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats), and weekly calorie allotment. Additional features in the Lose It! app include visual charts and printable Summary Reports of progress and overall goals.

And for people who hate to diet alone, you can use the “Motivate” category to add your friends, groups and teams to keep you motivated, see time log of your activities, earn badges, find challenges and more. Even though this free calorie and weight tracker app is awesome as it is, Lose It! does offer a 1 Year in app purchase of $39.99 to upgrade to premium features that include more health and fitness goals, ability to connect to apps and devices, more tracking tools, and additional motivation and support.

Lose It Weight Tracker App For iPhone

Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter is the best free weight tracker app that I’ve come across in the iTunes App Store. It’s also available on Google Play and the Amazon Android App Store too. If you’re ready to start losing weight, you’ll want to download this great weight tracker app now! The only thing you have to lose with this free app….is the extra pounds!

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