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Weird But True – Fun Facts App by National Geographic

The iPad app Weird But True is an iOS Universal Books app that provides 300 strange facts (now with wacky sounds), a Weird-O-Meter, and plenty of ways to share these head-scratching tidbits of truth. Did you know that alligators can live to be 80 years old? I didn’t, not until I began poking around in this odd but interesting app. The National Geographic Society initially released this app in 09/2011 and updated it in 03/2012, but for some reason Apple has declared this their “App of the Week.” This got our attention and since we dig Kids Apps, we had to take a look — besides it is FREE! This Books app works on both the iPhone and iPad, but we checked it out on an iPad 3rd generation and it worked splendidly.

The app starts by having the user shake the iPad or by swiping on the opening screen. Immediately you are taken into a brightly colored picture with a “weird but true” fact, like “peanut butter can be turned into diamonds” — and other peculiar things. You can “heart” all your favorite facts, share on Facebook, Twitter, or through email, but what I liked and thought was a fun aspect, especially fun for kids (and adults) is the Weird-O-Meter. The Weird-O-Meter allows you to rate each fact based on weirdness, which is then added to other users’ ratings, which you can see in the Top Weird-O-Meter Facts section. There is also a Fact Finder, which alphabetizes all 300 silly, weird, yet interesting facts for quick reference. This app is very easy to use, especially for younger kids, very intuitive, educational. Aside from all those things, it is fun and funny at the same time.

If there was one downside to this app, it would be the text bubble icon at the top of the navigation (when inside any fact). The icon when tapped on provides a pop up animal image, a verbal “that’s weird,” as well as a text bubble coming from the quick pop up — then the quick to disappear animal with “that’s weird” text. For me an image of an animal would cause me to be more likely to tap on this button, which is kind of cool the first time, but soon gets annoying if it’s continuously pressed. But, I love odd facts and this free iPhone and iPad books app is definitely a great value for anyone with an iPad or iPhone and a curious mind.


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Weird But True - National Geographic Society

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