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BeBob’s Sound Contraption Pro (by Gemstone Technologies, Inc.) is a sound effects app that has over 70 different sounds (ranging from spooky to just silly) that can be altered to create some cool and interesting effects to the selection provided, as well as shared real-time with friends on their idevices. This is not your regular soundboard iPhone app, it is a bit better with added control functions that let you warp sounds, echo, loop, and stutter the various sounds to create additional whacky effects — all of which can be shared locally to other idevices, via BlueTooth.

BeBob's Sound Contraption Pro iPhone Entertainment App ReviewsBeBob's Sound Contraption Pro iPhone Entertainment App Reviews

The 70+ different sounds can be tweaked in a variety of ways like to a higher pitch or lower using the warp slider — or you can just annoy others with the sounds created by using the shaker iPhone setting — which activates the sound. BeBob’s Sound Contraption Pro is a fun entertainment soundboard app that gives more than the ordinary. For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

BeBob’s Sound Contraption Pro iPhone App Details

Title: BeBob’s Sound Contraption Pro
Price: $0.99
Size: 12.9 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Gemstone Technologies, INC.
Store: iTunes App Store

BeBob’s Sound Contraption Pro iPhone App Download Link

BeBob's Sound Contraption Pro - Gemstone Technologies, INC.

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

BeBob’s Sound Contraption Pro iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
*** Check out BeBob’s Jingle Frogs video using BeBob’s Sound Contraption Pro on YouTube! (youtube.com/user/BeBobSound) ***
Includes spooky sounds, cartoon sounds, robotic sounds, wacky sounds, instruments, laughs, screams, sirens, and more! Use BeBob’s Motion Warp to make fun variations of any of the sound effects just by moving your device!! The possibilities are endless!

BeBob has been working tirelessly in his sound lab building this amazingly cool Sound Contraption for you! Prepare to experience BeBob’s creation first-hand, including innovations such as BeBob’s Motion Warp and Sound Shaker – just move your device to control the sounds in real time!

BeBob has compiled a great collection of crystal clear, ear-drum-pounding sounds that you can experience over and over again using BeBob’s Sound Looper, Stutter Sound, Echo Multiplier, and Sound Shaker.

Want to play a shorter portion of a sound or repeat it as long as you want? You can! With BeBob’s Sound Looper. Any sound can be played repeatedly for as long as you like. You can also create stutter effects and overlap sounds to create echo effects at whatever interval you desire.

But the coolest way to experience sound is with BeBob’s Sound Shaker – just choose a sound and shake your device to hear it! BeBob even let’s you control the sensitivity of the Shaker!
How cool is that??!!

But that’s just the beginning.

Like to warp your sounds? BeBob has taken care of that too. All sounds can be warped with BeBob’s Sound Warp Slider to create some really warped effects! As cool as that is, you just HAVE to experience BeBob’s innovative Motion Warper. No slider needed – simply rotate your device and listen to these crystal-clear sounds warp in real-time with your every move! The possibilities are endless! And for you left-handed folks out there, BeBob hasn’t forgotten about you – BeBob’s Motion Warper is configurable for Right OR Left-handed use!!!

Why keep the fun of BeBob’s Sound Contraption all to yourself when you can share it with all of your friends too?! BeBob built in his amazing SoundPorter* so the fun can be shared among other devices. BeBob’s SoundPorter lets you send sounds in real-time to your friends’ devices and have those same sounds magically play on their device!! And if you’re warping a sound when you play it through the SoundPorter, the sounds play on your friends’ devices with the same warp effect! Just invite your friends to engage BeBob’s SoundPorter, and then start exchanging sounds with them. It’s that easy and lots of FUN!!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Be Cool. Be Fun. Be Warped. BeBob!™

*BeBob’s SoundPorter is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices (running the minimum supported iOS version listed). For iPod Touch, BeBob’s SoundPorter requires second-generation iPod Touch or newer to operate.

**Headphones are required in order to hear sound on early-generation iPod Touch devices that do not have integrated speakers. Consult your device manual and/or Apple’s web site for more details.

Follow BeBob and his latest contraption creations on Twitter @BeBobSound

Check out the Jingle Frogs video and the app trailer by subscribing to BeBob’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/BeBobSound

Be sure to Like BeBob’s Sound Contraption on Facebook and become a fan! www.facebook.com/pages/BeBobs-Sound-Contraption/263190187052354

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