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Whale Trail (Android) – Magical!

Flip and fly your way through Rainbowland slurping up bubbles and smashing clouds in Whale Trail (for the Android), a carefree casual game featuring 2 game modes and 64 levels of gameplay. Whale Trail started its journey on the iOS platform for the iPhone and iPadbut has become even better now since being introduced on the Android. How could this be? The whacky developers apparently didn’t turn off their creative juices, whichjust overflowed, benefiting the rest of us with more than just the Classic game mode, but also 2 level game packs for more Willow Whale Trail merriment. This Android app gives you both the Classic gameplay along with 2 level game packs totaling 64 levels of colored bubble-eating fun. If you’re new to the Whale Trail game, be sure to watch Gruff Rhys Whale Trail video which is included in the app or by following this link to Youtube, it explains the Whale Trail experience.

Whale Trail Android App ReviewWhale Trail Android App Review

The Whale Trail experience that I took away from this game was to relax and enjoy the sillier things in life (which this game has lots of) because life is too short to be uptight. The overall feel to Whale Trail is super mellow with lots of good vibrations — just listen and play along to the carefree music and you’ll know what I mean. So, for those times when relaxing is easier said than done, I’m gonna break out the Whale Trail and take a colorful, surreal, and easy-going ride with Willow the Whale to take me away and knock my stress level down a few notches — I’ll be definitely be keeping this casual game app on my Android. I have to go now — I have a date with Willow. Be sure to watch the Android video app review for a look at the gameplay for this Android App. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

Whale Tail Android App Details

Title: Whale Tail
Price: $2.38
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: 26 MB
Developer: ustwo
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

Whale Tail Android App Download Link

Whale Tail – Android Market

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Whale Tail Android App Developers Description

Willow the Whale has leapt high into the sky to escape the evil Baron Von Barry.
Fly him through the magical world of Rainbow Land, collect Blubbles, loop the loop, smash grumpy Thunder Bros and meet friends along the way.

Choose how you want to play: sit back and explore endless Classic Mode or unlock stars in bite-size Challenge Levels.

• Soundtrack by Gruff Rhys of ‘The Super Furry Animals’
• Simple and intuitive one touch gameplay
• 2 game modes, Classic and Challenge
• 2 Challenge Packs with 64 levels, can you 3 STAR them all?
• Go wild smashing the Thunder Bros in ‘Frenzy’ mode
• Launch into space at super speed with Hyper-Boost power-ups
• Smash clouds with Cloud Mine power-up
• Suck up Blubbles with Blubble Magnet power-up
• Compete against friends with Game Center
• 64 achievements to unlock, testing your skills to the MAX

How to play
• Press and hold anywhere on the screen to make Willow swoop upwards
• Release your finger from the screen to make Willow dive downwards
• Press and hold to make Willow perform a loop the loop, useful when collecting hard to reach Blubbles

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