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What The Spell! – Upside Down, Fast Paced Word Game!

What The Spell! is a fresh and new iPhone Games app featuring some pretty fast paced, quick-thinking and spelling gameplay as you play through 50 challenges with Online Apple Game Center opponents — or Freeplay. I actually have a “Love/Hate” relationship with word games. I love playing them when I am doing well and my mind is clicking super fast (I actually feel smart), but then there are those times when I sit and look at the screen like it’s written in Chinese — which wouldn’t be a problem if I understood Chinese — but I don’t. Regardless, word game apps (for the iPhone) still rate high on my list of favorite genre of games to play — and What The Spell! is a really nice and enjoyable game in this genre.

The game features 3 game modes: Challenges, Online, and Freeplay. The challenges are sarcastically named (which is right up my alley), but the title does have a bit of a meaning for the 9 challenges you need to complete. Such as the Jazz Hands game pack, where you’re tested to see how fast you can make words of certain lengths in increasingly diminishing time as you advance in the levels. The developer has plans to provide a continuous updates of new challenge game packs, which makes this game a nice purchase. The online gameplay is decent, but the matching could be improved, however, if you have friends playing you should be able to readily take them on. Freeplay is just that, take yourself on and see if you can beat yourself — I tried and it was not too hard. You have 3 minutes to rack up as many points as possible and can use this game mode to hone your ninja word skills. The “fresh” feature of this iPhone word game is the ability to make words up and down, in other words you have the letters: “d-h-o-n-e,” you can actually drag your finger over “hone” and back to the letter “d” to form the word honed giving you more points — and man do the larger words give you big points. Words that are more difficult to spell give you mega points that will allow you to take your place in the Apple Game Center leader board.

Like I said, “love/hate” is my relationship with word games, however, I found the challenges in What The Spell! to be a fun, new test of my ninja word skills, which are more like nunja skills, and I dig the aspect of the tricky word spelling feature. I played through most challenges rather quickly, except for those I got stuck on — so I would love to see the addition of difficulty settings added to this game and possibly Facebook integration for online gameplay — or at least added as an additional online game option. What The Spell! is a great game for the wordsmith in you and even for those like me who have a tendency to freeze under word pressure. Be sure to watch the What The Spell! iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this fast paced iPhone Games application.

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What The Spell! iPhone App Details

Title: What The Spell!
Price: $0.99 (on sale regular price $1.99)
Category: Games
Size: 9.0 MB
Developer: Reality Apps
Store: iTunes App Store

What The Spell! iPhone App Download Link

What The Spell! - Reality Apps

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What The Spell iPhone Developers App Description

iOS iPhone

Finally a fast-paced, dynamic word game for the iPhone!


Navigate the perils of an ever-evolving board of letter-tiles by forming words of all shapes and sizes — but beware: these aren’t all your everyday tiles… If you want to make it to the top, you’ll need the shrewdness of a scholar and the dexterity of a seasoned surgeon!

Form the best words you can before time runs out, stack multipliers to rack up jaw-dropping point payoffs, and defuse bombs before your score is blown to pieces!

What The Spell are you waiting for? Grab this game and have some fun!

* 50 levels (with more coming in updates) for plenty of variety and longevity

* Retina graphics

* Game Center leaderboards and achievements

* Play against friends or get matched online with multiplayer head-to-head competition

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