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What to Wear App: Kids Clothes n Seasons Game

Getting your kids to dress appropriately for the weather can be difficult, but this what to wear app turns that everyday dilemma into an engaging and fun learning game for kids 3-5 years of age. With the Kids Clothes & Seasons: Learn to dress up app, by Pyjamas Apps, young kids will learn how to dress themselves according to the weather conditions outside.

In this educational game for the iPad, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kids will get a chance to explore all 4 seasons of the year. This Kids Clothes & Seasons game features colorful graphics, simple animations, and a choice to play as either a boy or girl character. There are 77 different clothing articles to select from, as well as a few accessory items too. And all 4 seasons of the year feature inside and outside scenes that incorporate a fun look-and-find type game, with a total of 6 interactive objects for kids to find in each season.



This Games app is appropriate for the 3-5 year old age group and highlights simple animations and interactions that are sure to capture the attention of young children. To start, your kids will discover that the 4 seasonal game choices are cleverly displayed as hung picture frames on the wall. As kids explore and play they will earn stars by finding the 3 interactive objects in the indoor scene and the other 3 in the outdoor scene. The earned stars are different for each outdoor scene, but the stars rewarded for the indoor (bedroom) scene are for the same objects each time, making this activity very redundant.

The first season your child will explore is summer. The others unlock after a season is completed. One clever aspect to this iPad app is the fun opening/closing door animation used all throughout this kids’ game to take your kids from the season selection gallery, into the room, and outside.

To help children understand dressing routines to start the day, their character is shown in his/her pajamas. It’s now up to your child to help the character get dressed appropriately for the seasonal weather. Your child will scroll through the clothing options (seen in 3 separate sections on the bookshelf) using right or left arrows. When he or she thinks they’ve got the clothing combination right, it’s time to send their little boy or girl outside. Depending on how the well the character is dressed will determine the character’s response to the weather outside. If the character is dressed too warmly for the weather, he/she will turn red and start to sweat. And if he or she is not warm enough, they’ll turn into an ice cube. This is one of my favorite animations and one I never get tired of.



Another great learning aspect to this kids’ app is that it not only teaches kids how to dress for the weather, but how to stay warm or cool with beverage choices as well. Based on how your child dresses his or her character will determine if he or she gets overheated or is too cold. When this response happens, your child will need to have the character perform an action like drinking a hot or cold beverage to counteract the negative response. I like this extra attention to detail that teaches kids more ways to be independent and take care of themselves. Since our family lives where it’s hot, I always had to remind my young kids to drink plenty of water in the summer to stay hydrated and avoid conditions like heat stroke.

Although I think this extra element of action adds a nice touch and teaches an important life skill, it would be better reinforcement if the animation showed the child actually drinking the beverage and not just disappearing after tapping on it, to complete the task. Another important learning feature to this clothing and seasons game is that kids have to get the whole seasonal clothing combination right before moving on. This includes adding accessory items like a sun hat in the summer or boots in the winter instead of sneakers. And if they don’t get it right, it’s back to room for more changes until they understand how to properly dress for the different seasons and weather conditions. However, when your child does gets it all right, she or he will be rewarded with “happy” music and colorful balloons to pop for their good decision making.

Overall, I think this what to wear app is a great learning tool for young kids to help them identify and make logical clothing choices to match the outside weather conditions. Although there are only 4 seasons to the year, there is plenty of replay value since the levels can be reset, and kids can alternate between both characters. There are also 2 new levels coming in an update (shown as locked in the gallery area). And, with a reasonable price tag of only $0.99, this kids’ learning app is hard to beat.

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