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Where’s My Mickey – Mickey Makes A Big Splash In This Hit Game (Video)

Where’s My Mickey? Find out as you play through a new version of Where’s My Water?. In this Games app Mickey and Goofy replace Swampy. Where’s My Mickey? is a weather physics puzzler game that includes 5 unique episodes with 100+ levels of physics puzzle fun.

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Disney has done a masterful job re-imagining their “Where’s My Water?” hit game. Now featuring the biggest Disney character of the all, Mickey. The Mickey character is the classic Mickey cartoon character from days past, but slightly modernized for the Where’s My Mickey app?. As usual, Mickey has good intentions, but through the 3 game packs he needs water for various reasons. There are a variety of obstacles preventing Mickey from successfully filling up his water bucket, which is where you come in. You will help Mickey fill his pail through 60 levels of gameplay by swiping dirt, moving clouds, and ensuring it rains at just the right time.

While there are 100+ levels, the additional 40 levels will need to be purchased through in app purchase. The additional levels feature Goofy, one of the funniest Disney characters. There are also some super secret levels you can find, but you may have to look really hard to find them.

Where’s My Mickey? is an excellent game! The fact that you only get 60 levels of gameplay for $0.99 is a non-issue, because this game is very well done and is tons of fun!

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  1. Debating on weather or not it’s worth the $3


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