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Where’s My Perry? – Help Agent P Destroy Doofenshmirtz (Video)

Where’s My Perry? (by Disney) lets you play as Agent P, from Phineas and Ferb. This game is an almost identical to Disney’s hit app “Where’s My Water?.”

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Where’s My Perry is another casual iPhone and iPad game that has 80 levels where you have to figure out increasingly challenging physics puzzles. Your objective is to move dirt with your finger to correctly guide the flow of water, steam, ice, and sludge to solve each level. Once you complete a level successfully you will send Agent P, who is a humble and awesome platypus, through a tube getting him one step closer to HQ. There are extras in this game in the form of secret files you can find, then play levels that unlock fun game content. A very encouraging thing about this app is that it is good wholesome fun and appropriate for the whole family.


I found this game to be very entertaining. Disney has great iPhone and iPad app development “mojo” going right now. I would have to say it is namely because they are providing a superior product. Of course, they do have huge resources, but indie developers and any other companies that want to be successful in the iTunes App Store would do well to pay attention to how and what kind of apps they are producing.

I highly recommend Where’s My Perry for some imaginative and fantastic fun?

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