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Where’s My Water 2 More Fun Swampy Physics Puzzle Gameplay (Video)

Swampy is back with more physics puzzle fun in the new iPhone and iPad game Where’s My Water 2. Now with Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck characters, as well as unusual gameplay challenges, customizable ducks, Duck Rush game mode, and more!

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Disney turns Where’s My Water 2 into a freemium game, but does it so successfully. Now you have to earn ducks to progress through each area and there is an energy gauge, which allows you to play only so long. But, the energy gauge is not as stringent as most games that have an energy requirement, and this game’s energy recharges quite quickly.

Disney has also done a good job of providing new twists to the original game, truly giving us another new version of its hit game Where’s My Water?.

Where’s My Water 2 is a big hit because of the “out of the box” thinking that adds new gameplay to this already awesome game!

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Where's My Water 2Where's My Water 2Where's My Water 2
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