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Who Stole The Moon? Amazing Kids’ Book With Games!

Who Stole The Moon? – Interactive e-book for children (by WindyPress) is an amazing book based on an original story by Helen Stratton-Would and illustrated by Russian designer Vlad Gerasimov. There are 4 fun mini-games and 8 original songs performed by an award-winning American children’s singer, Susie Tallman, and well-known Australian musician Richard Pleasance. In addition, this iOS storybook gives you the option to translate the text and voice within the story into 14 different languages as well.

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This children’s book provides a treasure trove of great kid content all into one fantastic iPad book application. Who Stole The Moon? – Interactive e-book for children is a story about Bertie (the main character). In this magical interactive story, Bertie can’t seem to find the moon that he’s used to seeing each night, thus he sets off on a quest to figure out exactly where the moon has gone. Bertie meets a wide variety of characters, many of whom can be interacted with inside of each page. And the fantastic artwork spans over into the 4 fun and engaging mini-games (matching game, puzzle, coloring, and dragonfly tap game).

The original music inside this application perfectly compliments the story, mini-games, and overall look and feel of this book application. The songs can be enjoyed by listening and/or singing along with, or by singing alone karaoke style; the music is also available on iTunes for download as well. WindyPress has knocked the ball out of the park with Who Stole The Moon? – Interactive e-book for children in all areas. They have provided an innovative and quality interactive kids’storybook that is interesting, beautifully illustrated, includes enjoyable music, engaging mini-games, and a pleasant user experience all packaged nicely into one amazing iPad Book app.

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Who Stole The Moon? - Interactive e-book for children - WindyPress

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