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Whot! Free – Fast Multi-Mode iOS Card Game!

Whot! FREE is a fast-paced color driven card game good for all ages featuring 4 fun and challenging levels of gameplay. While this card game has a familiar gameplay to another very popular color/numerical matching card game, this one has a personality that can stand on its own. The personality comes out by way of the strange, little and colorful, yet large-headed creatures that each player claims as their color mascot, as well as the overall color that sits next to the main playing pile. This game also features 4 different game modes — my favorite being Blitz, where you have 4 whole seconds to take your turn. The remaining 3 game modes are difficulty settings ranging from easy to hard. The overall game objective of Whot! Free is to get rid of all your cards, which will ultimately give you the most points in this game.

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You successfully play the cards dealt to you by playing a card on a like color or like number as the card you have in your possession. A few tricks occur when a player before you plays a card with a plus sign and a number in the upper right corner, as this is a challenge card and you will be forced to draw whatever number of cards are signified on the card. Other cards that will impede your chances of winning are any cards with GM on them or hold cards. If you do not have the color card necessary, Whot! card, or number matching card, you’ll have to go to the market (draw pile) to get one and lose your turn. I found the computer opponents in this game to be rather challenging even on easy mode, and one game mode that I look forward to coming in this game is online peer-to-peer gameplay, as well as an up to 4 players online gameplay. Whot! Free is a fun and face-paced card game that is a great value at its current price tag. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Whot! Free iPhone App Details

Title: Whot! Free
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 17.1 MB
Developer: nKanika Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

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Whot! Free - nKanika Inc.

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Whot! Free iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

WHOT! Card Game

WHOT! is a classic fast-paced and exciting card game for all ages. Get rid of all your cards first and score points for the cards you play. The first player wins.

The key features in WHOT! include:
• Detailed Graphics
• Intuitive style menu manipulation and selection using your finger
• Universal app for iPhone™, iPod™ touch and iPad™ devices
• 4 fun and challenging levels! More to come
• Real life rewards for achievements and points in the game using Kiip Rewards
• Automatically tracks and saves all of your game stats
• Free to play on Facebook
• Online Achievements with Game Center support
• Select your favorite card faces to use, just $0.99.
• On-screen “How to play” instructions and button actions.
• PC-style menus allow easy and intuitive configuration and navigation.
• Retina Display support
• Heyzap Integration for widespread discovery

WHOT! is easy to learn but offers players plenty of twists and surprises – making it one of the most popular card games in the world.

WHOT! is for Casual Gamers

Played with just one finger!

Very easy to learn… and addictive.

Enjoyable for kids and adults.

Competitive scoring to compete with friends and family.

A true bargain…FREE… what do you have to lose?

WHOT Scoring
1 => 15 points
2 => 20 points
3 => 3 points
4 => 4 points
5 => 40 points
6 => 6 points
7 => 7 points
8 => 30 points
9 => 25 points
10 => 10 points
11 => 11 points
12 => 12 points
13 => 13 points
14 => 35 points
Whot => 50 points

Cards of the Star or Orange suit (apart from 1,2,5,8 and 14) have doubled points.

Playing more than one card in a turn gives an extra 50 points multiplied by the current turn (off a 0-based index).

Example: Assuming a player plays the following sequence: 8, 8, 14, 14 and 10.

The points for each card would be as follows: 30 + (50 * 0), 30 + (50 * 1), 10 + (50 * 2), 10 + (50 * 3), 10 + (50 * 4).

Apple is not a sponsor of any Kiip reward or promotion.

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