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Wine4.Me iPhone App Review

If you enjoy drinking wine but have a hard time choosing the right ones to satisfy your tastebuds each and every time, you can relax because the wine experts in the Wine4.Me app will point you in the right direction. With just a little input from you, some objective analysis done by reliable wine evaluators, patent pending technology, and a proprietary algorithm, this new iPhone Food & Drink app will not only create you a customized wine tasting profile, but rank your wine suggestions for you too.

Expect to discover an exciting world of red, white and pink wines with this personalized wine rankings iPhone app.

Wine4.Me App Features

Whether you prefer to drink a glass of wine before a meal (aperitif), with your meal, after a long day, or etc., choosing a tasty wine can sometimes be a daunting task, especially with the overwhelming amount of wines to choose from. So how do you find the right wine for your taste and/or different food pairings? That’s where this personalized wine ranking app comes in handy.

Based on what you “tell” the Wine4.Me app you like in a wine, a simple and authentic wine taste profile is created for you. In addition to offering appropriate wine suggestions you’re sure to love, this Food & Drink app will give you the confidence you need to be adventurous and try new wines regularly. And the more you use this wine ranking app, the better it gets to know your personal taste preferences and the more helpful it becomes in picking out a pleasing bottle of wine you’ll enjoy every time.

iPhone Food & Drink Wine Rankings App

How This Personalized Wine Rankings iPhone App Works

But before you can get to choosing the right wine, theWine4.Me app needs to get to know what you like in a wine. That means selecting what you know about and enjoy in a wine via the 4 simple filter options provided: Grape, Region, Winery, and Country categories. Scroll through the A-Z lists in each category and make your selections. Then hit “Train” to get back the results of your unique taste profile, which includes both red and white wine characteristics. Your taste profile will display your degree of wine characteristic preferences on a sliding scale for: earthy vs delicate, full bodied vs light bodied, tannic vs supple, soft vs crisp, plush vs austere, and sweet vs dry.

Once your personal wine profile is complete, scroll through your custom profile to see your preferred red and white wine characteristics, as well as profiles of wines in the database by variety and blend. From this point on, Wine4.Me will then rank and offer custom wine suggestions. You can then easily explore the database of red, white, or pink (blush) wines by searching according to the wine color, food you’re pairing with, choice wines you’ve already tried, or those you want to try (Find a Wine, Wine & Food, My Wines, and Suggested Wine). And thanks to the helpful Search feature, filters, and sort options for your results, you can also find your perfect wine by Price, Fit, Personal Rating or Year, making it a snap to find the right wine for you and the occasion.

Wine Rankings iPhone App

With each wine listing you get a wealth of information, including the option to visit the winery’s website from within the app, rate the wine, and add your own notes to the wine listing, among other things. And the more you use and rate wines, the better Wine4.Me gets to know what you prefer – which means the more personalized your wine rankings become.

According to the app developer’s description, Wine4.Me is definitely something worth getting excited about for all wine lovers: “Each wine in Wine4.Me’s extensive database is objectively analyzed one by one by wine evaluators (They can pinpoint wine characteristics with a 90% repeat rate … they’re kind of a big deal). This data is intricately indexed by patent-pending technology and passed through the company’s proprietary algorithm that compares the profile of each wine to your taste profile to offer personalized wine rankings. Basically, we use “magical” technology to ensure you buy a tasty bottle of wine every time!

Wine Rankings Food & Drink iPhone App

And the task of finding a tasty bottle of wine shouldn’t be too difficult since the suggested wines included in the Wine4.Me app’s database can easily be found at local supermarkets, wine outlets and restaurants all around the U.S.


You may not be a wine expert, but thanks to the Wine4.Me app you don’t have to be. Now you can have your own personal wine expert in the palm of your hand who selects and ranks wines just for you. So, if you’re a wine enthusiast who likes the idea of being able to choose the perfect wine to tantalize your own tastebuds, download this free iPhone wine ranking app using the link below.

Download The Wine4.Me Wine Rankings App Now!

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