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Wings of Fury – Own The Skies with this Android Shooter

In Wings of Fury, the Android game (by The Android Machine), your mission is to maneuver your plane through the skies unharmed while taking out all your enemies below before they target, damage or destroy you, throughout the extensive 12 levels of gameplay. This air-style arcade shooter has it’s own unique gameplay making for a rather challenging but enjoyable playing experience.

While there are only 12 levels, the levels are not easy to complete and require you to master some flying skills before you are able to do so. Also, from the point of the game replay value, there are 3 difficulty settings (easy, medium and hard) allowing for more gameplay, which does increase this game’s value. I played straight through the first level, which was rather easy, just 1 anti-air gun to take out and 2 soliders — no problem. The same defensive units were to be taken out in level 2, but the difficulty had increased in the game logic making this level much harder to complete — all this while playing on just the easy difficulty setting. The game objective for Wings of Fury is to fly your WWII Era fighter plane: taking off, landing, and maneuvering in the sky to both take out your enemies and dodge their bullets in order to stay alive. You have a virtual throttle on the top left, virtual joystick center far left, and your action shooting buttons on the right for bombs, machine gun, and missiles in later levels.

I would suggest reading the instructions, which are very well displayed in infographics to explain all of the buttons and controls for your plane operation. I found the virtual joystick to be a bit of a challenge as “down” moves the plane up and “up” moves the plane down, which caused me to crash more than a few times. You will need to learn how to both takeoff and land your plane in this game, as I found out in level 2. Once you are hit with anti-air gun bullets, your plane will start to smoke, causing you to loose oil. You can repair your plane by flying back to your base. Once you land your plane safely, it will be repaired, your oil will be refilled, as well as your fuel and all your ammunition. Wings of Fury is a very fun arcade air shooter for the Android that will definitely keep you busy for a good long while, once you master the flying technique, you’ll own the skies. If you want to test drive the game before you buy the full version, then get the FREE version, which is called Wings of Fury Lite and provides a full 4 levels of gameplay, which is a third of the paid content, and pretty generous on the part of the developer. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

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