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Winkel Ball Puzzle Game: A Brick Breaker, Line Drawing Puzzler – Free Download!

Winkel Ball is an action packed brick-breaker-themed puzzle game featuring 40 seriously puzzling levels of puzzle gameplay, the option to build your own puzzles, in-depth practice mode, endless mode, and a lot more!

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This line drawing puzzle game has a lot of depth for such a simplistic game objective, which is to find each “room” or level’s key to unlock the door and exit before time expires. It sounds easy when described, but successful execution of each level is much more difficult than it appears. Keep reading to find out what to expect in this mind tingling iOS and Android OS puzzle game.

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Winkel Ball App Overview

Winkel Ball is a free iOS Universal puzzle game that has 40 overall rooms/levels, 8 of which you get with the free download. Each of the 8 rooms or levels is very challenging and features a 5 star rating system. As already explained, you have a set amount of time to get stars, the key, and exit the room. If you fail to exit the room before time runs out, well, you need to start over.

There are simple instructions before each level providing tips to help you successfully complete each room. The free app also comes with a practice mode with limited settings, a build your own room/level mode, including the option to share your created room with others.

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Although the 8 free room/levels will challenge you, for only $0.99 you get a bunch more puzzle gameplay. Once you buy the $0.99 in-app purchase to unlock the rest of the game, you get an additional 32 levels, which borderline on the impossible (the farther rooms/levels you encounter). You also get all the practice modes, albeit you will have to reach certain achievements to unlock them all. Unlocked as well is the endless game mode; you can play your created rooms/levels and even download other community created rooms/levels.

Winkel Ball Puzzle Game iPad App Review Video

Winkel Ball is a great value for only $0.99, especially with the massive amount of community puzzle rooms/levels you have the availability to download. But more importantly, how does this puzzle game play?

Winkel Ball Gameplay

Each game starts with you entering the room from a door. Angle your ball in any of 360 degrees, tap, and the ball goes into play. There are bricks, rocks, boxes, spikes, power-ups and other items the ball will come into contact with; some are good and some deadly. This is why you have 3 lives for each game, with the chance of winning more through gameplay. To guide your ball to where you want it to go, you draw a line by dragging your finger across the screen indicating where you’d like the ball to bounce off of to send it in a new direction.

The biggest stress you will find is the limited time, which was 1 minute for each of the rooms/levels I played. Unlike room/level gameplay, endless game mode provides you more time and you play through ever changing rooms/levels until you run out of lives or time. Practice mode is a great way to figure out how to play the game or gain experience to take on the room/level mode or the endless game mode.

Brick Breaker Puzzle Game iPad App Review

Overall, the Winkel Ball puzzle game is a fantastic and continuously changing puzzle game featuring a brick breaker theme combined with line drawing, making for an enjoyable and fun mobile puzzle game experience. You can get your free iOS or Android download for this game using the app store download links below!

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Developer: Wirthwhile Software Pty Ltd
iOS Universal Games Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.2
Winkel Ball
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 05/18/2014
A puzzle game with brick breaker influences using line drawing to a ball in play until you solve each puzzle.
4 / 5 stars

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