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The Wipeout App Is A Fun Reality TV Show Based iOS Game! (Video)

Get ready to Wipeout with the fun and whacky Wipeout app for the iPhone and iPad. The iOS Wipeout game is a reality-based obstacle course game that tests your agility, quickness, and mental toughness as you try to make your way through the 2 game modes.

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Wipeout is a zany hit reality game show where crazy contestants compete to win cash by taking on insane giant obstacle courses. If you’ve never seen this show before, here’s the plot: “Big Talking” people talk up how great they are going to do as they try to run through “Giant” imposing obstacle courses raised high above a nasty mud pit. Then those same people can be seen getting knocked on there butts or falling like rag dolls into the mud pit.

The Wipeout app for iPad and iPhone has several game modes, numerous challenging obstacle courses, customizable contestants and is a lot of fun!

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