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Word-A-Fall – Fast Paced, Letter-Dropping iPhone Word Game: Got Words?

WANTED: quick-thinking word aficionado to form words from falling letters while playing a fun, fast paced, letter-dropping, online multiplayer word game. Which is exactly what you will do in the Word-A-Fall iPhone game.

While you don’t really have to be a “word aficionado” to play Word-A-Fall, you will at least need to know a few 3 letter and 4 letter words to be competitive. And if you know right now that you are a quick thinker, like word games, and can’t resist the challenge to beat the pants off of your friends or random strangers, you may just want to skip ahead, get your app download of Word-A-Fall and get to gaming!

iPhone App Review for fun Word Game App

Word-A-Fall App Overview

I may not be the best at word games, but I still love to play them – sort of a love/hate relationship. Playing Word-A-Fall is both fun and challenging, making for an engaging game that actually challenges your brain while you play. So what else can you expect from this word game? Word-A-Fall features 3 turn based, online, and multiplayer game modes (Classic, Wordsmith, and Rushing Rapids). Each game mode has its own twist and difficulty factor. Classic game mode requires you to spell words of 3 or more letters, Wordsmith tests your word skills with gameplay requiring words of 4 or more letters only, and Rushing Rapids requires words to be spelled of 2 or more letters and challenges your word spelling speed.

All of the game modes feature falling wood pieces, leaves, and water that contain letters with a point value. The object is to spell 2, 3, or 4 letter words from the falling letters (depending on the game mode) to score points and earn coins. There are also special positive and negative action tiles that can take your game to a whole new level. Action tiles must first be unlocked by spelling “x” number of words, and then purchased. Afterwards, each action-tile can be purchased up to 2 a game for 20 coins each.

Action tiles include word multipliers for a larger score and extended time of +10 seconds. Negative action tiles can be activated against your opponent and include a score reduction of -10 points, -10 second time, a blind tile represented by a pair of sunglasses that blinds your opponent’s view of letters for a brief period of time, and a bomb tile that removes any letters in the word queue.

iPhone App Review Video for Word-A-Fall

You have a total of 2:00 minutes for each game mode to score as many points as you can to beat your opponent. And if you don’t win the first round, you can redeem yourself in the second or third round as you try to win the game. Games can be played against other Apple Game Center friends or random opponents in Game Center, and, as already mentioned, each round is turn-based with a total of 3 game rounds for each game.


Beside being an entertaining and challenging word game, Word-A-Fall’s fun backstory gives it some added personality. Bo, Bob and Bubba, the Beaver brothers (as in the animals), return from work at the lumber yard to find their home destroyed. It is your job to help them rebuild the dam by spelling words out of the falling wood, leaf, and water letters. While Word-A-Fall may not have stunning graphics, it does have a solid word game engine that is compelling and fun.

Besides the 3 online multiplayer game modes, there is also a Practice Mode where you can work on your word spelling without any pressure. And there is a Word Store to unlock action tiles, and, of course, instructions to help you get started. But from an overall standpoint, Word-A-Fall is a no-nonsense online multiplayer word game that presents challenging fun with each and every game. So are you up to the game challenge? Not sure? Check out the Word-A-Fall app review video to see how this game plays, or use the download link below to get your copy and start spelling to win!

iPhone App Review for Word-A-Fall Word Game

Download The Word-A-Fall iPhone Word Game App

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Developer: Just Mobile Programs
iOS Games Application, Cost: $0.99, v. 3.01
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 06/09/2014
Plenty of fun, fast paced, online multiplayer, letter-dropping word game fun!
4 / 5 stars

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