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Word Search Puzzles App – Great Way to Kill A little Time For Free

The Word Search Puzzles app is an iOS Universal Games app that has been holding its own for awhile now in the Top Free iPhone and iPad app categories in the iTunes App Store. So I wanted to see what this free app had to offer.

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Word Search Puzzles has a simple user interface with simple graphics, sound effects, and gameplay. It comes with a “Basic Pack” of word puzzles with approximately 35 different themed puzzles in it. These puzzle topics range from Asian Nations, Instrumental Words to Zombie Apocalypse. Each game board comes with 8 hidden words to find. And the gameplay is timed, giving you an incentive to better your best recorded time, which is on display.

Upon completing each game board you earn points and partially filled stars next to the title (3 total). Your timer starts immediately after you select your game puzzle so be prepared to lose a few seconds getting familiar with your word list. It appears that you can play each word search puzzle as many times as you like. So there is plenty of replay value here. Also, the game board changes each time you replay the same puzzle. And a new word or two is added or subtracted from the word list to keep it somewhat fresh.



Overall, the Word Search Puzzles app is a nice free app with a fair amount of replay value. It offers a great way to unwind and spend a little downtime. There are also several other premium word search puzzle packs that can be purchased for $0.99 each (through in app purchase) if you want more word puzzle content.

However, I’d rather spend a total of $0.99 on one of my favorite word search puzzle games called Word Hunt – Word Search because it has 50+ categories, 3 difficulty modes, as well as a nice mix of sound effects and artwork that make it unique. And, you also have the option to create your own word hunt lists, making your word search game board options endless.

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