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Word Search App, Word Hunt – Word Search, Unique Game!

If you love classic word search puzzle games, then check out the iOS Universal Word Hunt – Word Search app by (Blue Fire Media). This Games app features a 19th Century steampunk theme, authentic sounds and endless puzzle word games.  Word Hunt – Word Search comes with 50 + word search puzzles, 3 difficulty modes, and the option to create your own word search puzzle game boards.

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The appealing steampunk graphics and authentic sounds will catch your attention. You’ll see things like falling letter animations, spinning clock hands, and hear hissing pipes as they release steam into the air. This iPad app has a smooth working user interface and quality word search game categories to choose from.  Simple sophistication is reflected in the graphics and category topics. A-Z topics include holidays, capitals, world currencies, literature, sports, musical instruments, artists, and more.



All levels are timed, have 3 difficulty levels,  and a varied number of words per mode. Easy has an 8X8 game board grid, Medium has a 10X10 grid, and Hard has a 12X12. As you find listed words on the game board, they are automatically crossed off the list for you. And when a word search puzzle is complete, letters topple over as the game board crumbles. You’ll see your timed score level displayed on the Home screen, under the topic category and difficulty level. A great feature in this word search game app is the ability to create your own word hunt puzzles. I easily created a word search game board of family names. Word Hunt – Word Search works on the iPhone and iPad. And it sells at a great price at only…. $0.99.


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