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The Word Wizard iPad education app (by L’Escapadou) is an award-winning talking alphabet/word building app that pronounces individual letters and word sounds for you, complete with a spell-check functionality, spelling tests for over 1400 words, and the option to create your own spelling lists. This kids’ spelling application has fantastic simplicity, as well as a lot of customization that can be adjusted to fit your child’s learning style. The 2 main spelling/learning modes in this application are “Moveable Alphabet” and “Fun Spelling Quizzes.” Moveable Alphabet is a free spelling opportunity for kids with no set pace or restrictions other than ensuring that words are properly spelled for what they choose to spell. Fun Spelling Quizzes is a spelling quiz activity with a variety of spelling lists already included in this application (1,400 words) and you can create your own inside the application or upload lists from your Mac or PC (see FAQ’s before doing so).

Word Wizard Kids iPad App ReviewsWord Wizard Kids iPad App Reviews

The spelling activities are spot on in this application, with phonics pronunciations that can be toggled on or off, and a built in dictionary that shows improperly spelled words with a red background or correctly spelled words with a white background, as well as affirming extras for when your child completes a word or entire list correctly. The encouraging animation will occur after your child spells a word correctly and also for when he or she finishes a list — an opportunity to actually interact with the screen in a fun way. In my case during testing, I discovered that I could drag the colorful stars on the screen around creating a kaleidoscope effect complete with twinkling sounds. There is plenty of customization in this app, to include the option to change the background to color or paper, and much more. Word Wizard – Talking Movable Alphabet with Spell Check + Fun Spelling Tests that Use Over 1400 Words, is an excellent children’s spelling application with intuitive controls, and plenty of educational content to make spelling and word build a fun learning process. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Word Wizard iPad App Details

Title: Word Wizard – Talking Movable Alphabet with Spell Check + Fun Spelling Tests that Use Over 1400 Words for Kids
Price: $2.99
Size: 221.1 MB
Category: Education
Developer: L’Escapadou
Store: iTunes App Store

Word Wizard iPad App Download Link

Word Wizard - Talking Movable Alphabet with Spell Check + Fun Spelling Tests that Use Over 1400 Words for Kids - L'Escapadou

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Word Wizard iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
➜ 40% OFF for the holiday season !
➜ “Speak ‘N Spell for the iPad Generation” – The New York Times

Word Wizard is a unique app that lets kids hear the sounds of letters and words using a talking movable alphabet. Featuring advanced text to speech capabilities, the app can pronounce and spell-check an unlimited number of original words.

Word Wizard also provides spelling practice with a list of more than 1,400 questions and answers, and the best is that you can add your own words to create any spelling quiz.

★ Accolades and Awards ★

➜ The New York Times
“This is an important breakthrough in reading instruction, because it leverages the iPad’s size, powerful speech synthesis abilities and touchscreen, so that every letter can be a building block of phonetically accurate sound”

➜ Children’s Technology Review
Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design – 4.8 stars out of 5 – “Turn your iPad into a talking alphabet/language generator – and the perfect tool for a child just starting to experiment with letters and their sounds”

➜ Wired’s GeekDad
“This is a fantastic app for young children, right through to children in later elementary school which makes it an app worth having on your iPad.”

➜ theiPhoneMom
“This is a terrific educational learning tool for emergent readers. It’s also a fantastic resource for spelling practice.”

➜ BestAppsForKids
Editor’s Choice – “This is the perfect app for any child who is learning how to read, or to supplement advanced vocabulary lessons through fifth grade.”

➜ Apple
Featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ for iPad and iPhone and in ‘Apps For Learning to Write’

Check demo on YouTube to understand how this app is unique: http://bit.ly/wordwizardvideo2

➜ Talking Movable Alphabet Activity

★ Pronounce and spell-check any word
★ Natural Sounding Voice (two American voices and one British voice)
★ Alphabetic or Qwerty Keyboard
★ Optional magnetic grid to ease letters placement
★ Phonics or letter name when a letter is touched in the alphabet
★ Uppercase or lowercase letters
★ Keyboard emulation option (dragging letters is then optional)
★ 4 letter sizes available (allowing more or less letters on the board)
★ Voice Transformer (speed,tone) for added fun
★ 2 backgrounds
★ You can even customize pronunciation of any word (sometimes useful for names of family members)
★ … and a lot of others options to fit your needs

➜ Fun Spelling Quizzes Activity

Word Wizard also features hundreds of fun spelling quizzes using the talking Movable Alphabet. Features of this activity are:

★ 184 word lists of 10 words: Words for beginners, Dolch Words, 1000 most frequently Used Words, body parts, family members,…
★ Create custom Word Lists by entering custom words and sentences, and even share lists
★ statistics for each list (how many times it has been completed)
★ Hints are available if kids do not know how to spell a word
★ A variety of colorful animations are displayed when a word is completed
★ Once a quiz is completed, a report is displayed and fun, interactive animations are available as a reward

Word Wizard is a universal application that can be used on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (without requiring you to purchase it twice).

“I love the talking alphabet. (…) The app supports letter recognition, phonological awareness, spelling and self-correction without sacrificing fun. I will certainly recommend it to early educators.”
Mary Ellin Logue, Ed.D
Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education,University of Maine

Please send your suggestions and comment to support@lescapadou.com. We are listening to our users to improve our products.

What’s new

★ v2.0 with a lot of new options and features thanks to your feedback ! ★
New features:
➜ Statistics for completed quizzes
➜ Qwerty Layout (with capslock key to ease the use of capital)
➜16 new word lists for beginner spellers ( consonant-vowel-consonant words)
➜ Erase all letters is now accessible on the board
➜ Word on 2 lines is now recognized
➜ Add your friends words list (via iTunes)
➜ Add your words to the profanity list (via ITunes)
➜ Customize pronunciation of any word (via iTunes)

New Options:
➜ New voice added ! (3 voices available now) and new version of the speech engine
➜ Keyboard emulation (don’t need to drag the letter anymore)
➜ Letter size on the board (so that you can put more letters on the board)
➜ Option to turn off the vocalization until the speech bubble button or a word is tapped
➜ Next word option in tests
➜ Limit (or remove) animation time in tests

➜ (v2.0.1) Allow to enter numbers and symbols in title of your word lists
➜ Users preferences are now saved even after a restart
➜ Letter “e” sound/phonic is now much better

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Thanks for your great feedback that help us to make the app better and better – we are listening to our users to improve our products!

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