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WordFit – Free iPhone Word Game Fun!

WordFit is a Free iPhone word game that features loads of free scrambled word puzzles in a variety of categories. This iPhone word game has recently been updated and now features over 700 new puzzles with categories like Xmas, Sports, Hip Hop, Super Heroes, US Cities — and more. Personally, I really enjoy playing iPhone word games because I can take them with me and play them anywhere I go. My iPad typically remains at home, but my iPhone is always with me, and games like the WordFit iPhone app are a perfect “fit” on my iPhone (apologies for the lame pun). WordFit has evolved to WordFit version 2.0 and now features 700+ scrambled word puzzles.

The content is about 50% free and 50% paid. I did not do an exact calculation, but it looks fairly even. Another upside to this free iPhone word game is that there are typically paid and free versions for categories, so you can determine if you want to buy more content based on the actual content gameplay. The game is super easy to play and the word puzzles range from 4 letter words to much larger words. You try to complete all puzzle pack puzzles as fast as you can. Puzzle pack completion can be shared on Facebook and Twitter and your scores are ranked on Apple Game Center. The replay value is quite good, and for me I surely did not complete each puzzle as fast as I wanted to so will have to try again. I don’t know about you, but often when I play a word game the scrambled words all look like Chinese to me until I finally figure them out (which seems like an hour at times).


This iPhone word game is only missing online match gameplay, but will hopefully be included in the next version (crossing my fingers). But, if you’re looking for some entertaining word game fun, WordFit has plenty of word puzzles to keep you busy. Once you can solve all the free word puzzles you can unlock more word puzzles through in app purchase. You can also remove ads and purchase hints, which will come in handy at times. One tip for using hints: be cautious not to use the “Clear” button to remove all letters after using a hint because your hint provided letters will also be removed.

Learn more about the WordFit iPhone (word game app) and see if it’s the right “fit” for you. Watch our WordFit iPhone App Video Demo here!

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