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Wordistic – Frenzied Word Game To Original ATLAS Music

Wordistic (by mushDevStudio) is a fun action-packed word game that has you racing against the clock to level up. This iPad game features real-time word predicting, word definitions, and an original soundtrack from Atlas. With this new iOS Universal word game comes a unique learning opportunity as you try to create three letter words or better words from the frantically dropping letters coming from the top of the screen. The learning opportunity is a definition setting that allows you to receive a pop up definition from the web for each word spelled (this can be toggled on or off to your preference) but it does add a bit of unique vibe to this game.

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Wordistic also has an auto word prediction setting that “looks” at the letters you tap on and then provides word suggestions, which you can reject for other suggestions (and this can also be turned off). There are a few power-ups and a bomb that you will want to keep an eye out for, to successfully level up. The overall objective is to complete each level starting within the 30 base seconds provided by getting the allotted points for each level. The first level requires 50 points and each level adds more, but keeps the time the same. It may sound hard, but it is not that difficult because each time you create a word successfully you get points and more time put on the clock depending on the word complexity.

iPad App Review for the Wordistic Word Game

The more words you make, the quicker you will complete a level. The power-ups include a “swirl” that provides a 7 second force field, which locks in the letters making it easy for you to pick off words, and there is also a time power-up, which comes in handy anytime. The game appears to be unlimited allowing you to go on as long as you can continually beat the score and time requirements. There is a bonus to this game with 26 featured tracks for the band ATLAS, which are cool and provide a different feel to the various game backdrops. Wordistic has a load of settings for music tracks, sounds, definitions (on/off), word prediction (on/off), falling letter settings, and backdrop spinning (or still) that will enhance your playing experience in this fast paced word game. It may even teach you a few new words too.

I played through several level game modes, and as is typical for me with word games, I found myself doing well at times and at other times I would freeze and stare blankly at the words flowing by me. But then again, there were times when I was on fire and making word after word, which this game easily allows you to do — just watch out for the bombs and do not go for long periods of time without making a word successfully or your time will run out.

Wordistic Word Game iPad App Review

The definition feature is snappy quick and provides information that you would think you’d know, but in my case there were a few words that I spelled, but were a stretch, and when the definition did pop up I learned something new, like the word “jin” refers to the Zinfindel wine. Wordistic is a frantically fun word game all you wordsmiths are sure to enjoy, along with anyone else looking for an iPad game where they might actually learn something in the process.

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