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If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or eat better, then you will want to pick up the Calorie Counter (by FatSecret) FREE Android health & fitness app. The developer, FatSecret, of the same named website, has created a very functional, easy-to-use calorie counting app that includes exercise and activity information regarding calorie burning. There is a plethora of information on counting calories to include most, if not all, major fastfood restaurants’ menus with all relevant food information for each menu item. There are also major grocery store brands, manual entry mode for food caloric information and a barcode scanner to put food information into your application. Once you have your food choices in the app, you can easily use the daily calorie feature to manage your caloric intake. This app is so easy to use, I just picked it up, read no instructions and was able to determine how to use it in about 5 minutes. On the downside, you will have to put in your physical height, weight and email, as well as create a user name to use this app.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret FREE Android App Review Calorie Counter by FatSecret FREE Android App Review

More features include a journal, weight tracker, diet calendar, recipe ideas, and much more. Calorie Counter (by FatSecret) is a super fantastic Android app to help you get your butt into shape (and the rest of you) in 2012 — happy calorie counting with this uber easy-to-use app. Check out our other Android app reviews for more Android apps. Crazy Mike

Calorie Counter by FatSecret FREE Android App Details

Title: Calorie Counter by FatSecret
Price: FREE
Category: Health & Fitness
Size: 2.6 MB
Developer: FatSecret
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

Calorie Counter by FatSecret FREE Android App Download Link

FatSecret Android Market

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Calorie Counter by FatSecret FREE Android App Developers Description

A simple tool to find all the Calorie and Nutrition Facts for the foods you eat.
Calorie Counter is the essential app to simply find nutritional info for the food you eat and easily keep track of your meals, exercise and weight.
Calorie Counter is simple to use and has all the cool tools to help you succeed:
– A food diary to plan and keep track of what you’re eating.
– An exercise diary to record all the calories you burn.
– A barcode scanner and manual barcode input
– A quick pick to find calorie and nutrition info for your favorite foods, brands and restaurants.
– A diet calendar to see your calories consumed and burned.
– A weight tracker.
– A journal to record your progress.
– Recipes and meal ideas
You can also sync your account online to access your info anywhere, any time.
We hope you’ll love Calorie Counter. We are constantly working to improve the app so there’s plenty more goodies to come 😉

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