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World War Z, Resident Evil-Esque, Tap To Play Puzzle Shooter (Video)

The World War Z app is a puzzle shooter game for the iOS and Android OS platforms. World War Z puts you in the middle of a zombie pandemic, featuring 2 game modes, upgradeable weapons, items, and plenty of zombie hordes to deal with.

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This iOS zombie game is based on the upcoming zombie thriller, World War Z. The movie is set for release on 06/21/13. However, if you have played this game, you have already gotten a peek at the movie. The story revolves around a surreal zombie pandemic that has you fighting for your life. The game features 28 levels in Story mode and there is a re-playable Challenge mode.


If you have ever played Resident Evil, this game reminds me somewhat of that game. While the puzzles are not quite as difficult and there is much more shooting in this game, there are similarities between the 2 games. Story mode has you fight your way through alleys, office buildings, airports, and more to get to your son. There is hand-to-hand combat, shooting, and at times tough puzzles to solve to continue forward in the game.

There are several control settings, but I recommend auto shooting for ease of play.

Overall, the game is great, but there are some weird graphics and scenes that are a little whack. Specifically, there is a part where you shoot growing towers of zombies that comes across as a bit cheesy.

World War Z will get your heart pounding at times during Story mode, confuse you with puzzles, and test your reflexes in the Challenge game mode. This game is worth the download.

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