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Wubbzy App, Wubbzy’s Dance Party Is Fun Hands-On Learning!

The Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! characters throw a fun dance party on the iPhone and iPad in the Wubbzy’s Dance Party app by Cupcake Digital. This quality interactive and animated Books app features the same familiar TV characters that toddlers and preschoolers love. It also comes with tons of hands-on learning activities, fun creative play opportunities, and 3 reading modes to reinforce early reading skills. And, the best part is the lively dance videos will get your kids wiggling in their seats.

iPad Wubbzy App Review

Your kids will have a blast listening, watching, reading and interacting in all that the Wubbzy’s Dance Party app has to offer. This Wubbzy app is fresh and fun, providing an amusing story, lovable characters and lots of fun animations to engage your kids. This book can be read in 3 different modes: Just A Book, Read & Play, and Read to Me. Another thing worth noting about the reading portion is that the text is highlighted as it is narrated, introducing and reinforcing early reading skills. Also, your kids can tap any word to hear it repeated.

Whether you prefer to read in traditional book fashion without sounds and interactions or choose to enjoy all the special animations and sounds of the other modes, your kids will love following along with Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, Madame Zabinga and Daizy as they prepare for their annual dance party. However, trust me, you won’t want to miss out on all the wonderful interactions, animations and pleasant surprises to be found on every page in this Wubbzy app when the interactions and sounds are on.

Wubbzy's Dance Party

Wubbzy App Wubbzy's Dance Part iPad App Review

Like all the other Wubbzy apps, Wubbzy’s Dance Party contains the same fun zaniness that can be compared to other popular kids’ favorites like Dr. Suess. But, as much fun as the Wubbzy’s Dance Party app is, it does provide real educational value for young kids in the areas of reading comprehension, reading skill, geometry and math, among other things.

There are 4 educational games: Dress Up Game, Shape Balloons, Alpha-Bubble and Speedy Balloon Pop. Kids will also have an opportunity to explore their artistic side by painting several coloring pages. These activities have a one-touch painting process and offer a rainbow of color options. For parents, there’s a “Grown-up’s Corner” where you’ll find a helpful list of questions to get your kids thinking and working on their memory recall skills for the story characters, settings and sequence of events. For me, the most memorable and fun part of this Kids’ app was watching and listening to the “Wubbzy Wiggle” video. Fair warning: it’s cute, it’s entertaining, and you and your little ones will want to “Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle!” And you’ll also giggle, giggle, giggle!

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