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Kids 4-7 will love learning to count in the Wubbzy’s 123 Learn & Play app by Cupcake Digital. This kids’ learning app features the lovable characters from the award-winning Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Nick Jr. TV show, and delivers another quality learning experience that follows Common Core State Standards for Education. The Wubbzy’s 123 Learn & Play app comes with 10 number tracing activities, 5 math-based games, 10 tap-to-paint activities, and more to get your kids excited about basic number learning. And, as an added bonus, this iPhone and iPad Education app also comes with 3 silly “Wubbzy” music videos that are sure to entertain your kids as they learn.

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In this kids’ learning app there are several fun and interactive learning activities that’ll introduce your kids to early math skills through number recognition, number counting, and number writing for numbers 1-10. Wubbzy’s 123 Learn & Play has 4 main content categories for your kids to explore: Tracing, Videos, Games, and Paint. Kids will learn to identify and count numbers (1-10) by tracing individual numbers, playing whacky math-based games, and painting silly number scenes featuring Wubbzy and friends. And the entertaining music videos add another layer to this quality Education app for an overall silly and fun learning experience that’s perfect for young kids.

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Wubbzy’s 123 Learn & Play App Features

– 10 Educational tracing games with super-cool vehicles to choose from as tracing guides (individual numbers 1-10)
– 5 Fun number counting education games: Dino Numbers, Love Counting, Meatball Counting, Save the Pet, Princess Counting

- 10 Awesome coloring pages help boost creativity! Kids can make masterpieces using paint buckets, brushes, and stickers featuring their favorite Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! friends
– Kid-tested and educator approved!

– 3 Silly, fun-loving music videos will get kids singing, and dancing along with Wubbzy Wiggle, Are You Ready? Wubbzy Wiggle, Are You Ready, and So Much To Do

- The Common Core Corner explains how the app’s activities are infused with guidelines from the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and are specially designed to help prepare children for preschool

- Easy-to-understand tutorials for all kids, little and big! 
Cupcakedigital.com provides more ways for parents and caregivers to enhance the app experience for kids with free downloadable educational activities.
– Plus, the site includes a Parents’ Guide for practical tips to help your child get ready for school

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