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X-Ball Hero – SuperStar Shooter!

This new iPhone and iPad game, X-Ball Hero, will have you playing as a superball on a heroic mission to save the universe by collecting every star throughout each of the 60 challenging levels of gameplay — but, don’t worry, there are several power-ups to help you along the way. Your unassuming little X-Ball Hero looks like a white superball (with eyes), but no mouth, that’s because he just needs to see where he’s going (no talking required) as he collects stars to save the universe from its ultimate demise. Yes, the story is a bit odd in this colorful and unique game (but aren’t they all) that comes with some pretty cool power-ups to help with all the star collecting.

The gameplay requires you to collect all stars on each level to open up a yellow tractor beam which emits out of the red pipe. Starting out at the first level, the game seems rather easy, but wait till you get up around level 10 and on, you’ll be in for a challenge due to some prickly enemies, ice blocks, water (your superball cannot swim), and other perils that will pop your superball causing you to start that level over. There are several power-ups to aid your hero on his quest like: sticky glue, bombs, time stopwatch, and turbo that help in a variety of ways causing your superball to stop in mid air whenever you touch him for 2 seconds or cause him to stick to whatever he lands on. Many of these power-ups are essential to your success in the later levels of gameplay.

ipad video app reviewsipad video app reviews

While collecting stars is your overall objective, doing this using the fewest number of balls (ball shots) and in the quickest time is what will give you the best score. The time you’ll have to complete a level to get stars is typically in the 30 second time frame and quickly becomes more difficult. X-Ball Hero is a great app value at only $0.99 (for both the iPad and iPhone) and features plenty of fun and tricky ball-shooting gameplay in this superstar shooter. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete demonstration of this application. Watch our other iPad app demos . Crazy Mike

X-Ball Hero iPad App Details

Title: X-Ball Hero
Price: $0.99
Size: 15.0 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Pilcom
Store: iTunes App Store

X-Ball Hero iPad App Download Link

X-BALL Hero - Pilcom

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X-Ball Hero iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

You are a ball on a mission. Bad guys have stolen stars from the sky and
locked them in maze boxes. Collect all stars to save the universe and
become a superhero!

– More than fifty challenging levels
– Many puzzles waiting to be solved
– Various elements to be used or to be avoided
– Different power ups to ease your way
– Collect all stars to save the universe
– Create your own destiny and become a superhero

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