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Yahoo! TimeTraveler-Google Search Would Make This App Great!

Yahoo! TimeTraveler is a fantastic Travel app idea that is long overdue, but the great idea and delivery don’t quite pan out in this app due to the limited number of cities available to find stuff to do in and the atrocious search functionality. Most people who travel have at one time or another found themselves in a situation where they were in a cool city for only a short time (perhaps for the first time), with a little time to kill due to a cancelled flight or something like that. Maybe you’re tired of working on the laptop and just want to cut loose and take in some local sites, but you’re new around here so where do you go and what do you do?

This app’s intent is to have you quickly put in your start and end location, pick a time from 1 to 10 hours, and “poof” a short sightseeing tour is created for you. Great in theory, but in practicality this app is pretty horrible. Having lived in Miami I tried to search the Fontainebleau Hotel, a Miami Beach 5 star hotel landmark to use as my starting point; however, I got no result for Fontainebleau and an address by the Orange Bowl when I put in Fontainebleau Hotel, which is a world away. The app also was not able to find an airport for the city of San Francisco when this was put into the search box for beginning and/or ending location, which is kind of ridiculous.

iphone app reviewsiphone app reviews

You’ll need to either guess if you do not have an exact address or search Google for an exact address to put into the starting and ending locations. Once you get past this, the app is pretty good at providing locations based on your limited time which are worthy of visiting. The app only features 29 cities currently (located all over the world), but I’m guessing more will be added. After reading the iTunes App Store comments before downloading the app, it appeared as if this app was flawless, but unfortunately this app didn’t measure up for me or the comments left. I always say people are harder critics on FREE apps than paid, but in this case it is well deserved. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Yahoo! TimeTraveler iPhone App Details

Title: Yahoo! TimeTraveler
Price: Free
Size: 30.1 MB
Category: Travel
Developer: Yahoo!
Store: iTunes App Store

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Yahoo! TimeTraveler - Yahoo!

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Yahoo! TimeTraveler iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Explore the city you’re in with Yahoo! TimeTraveler.
Create easy-to-follow trip plans – based on the amount of time you have – for dozens of cities worldwide. Simply set your start and end points, the time you have available and Yahoo! TimeTraveler will create a custom itinerary to guide you through the city.

Features include:
• 29 cities to choose from including: London, New York, San Francisco, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Chicago, New Orleans, Paris, Rome, Toronto, Barcelona, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis, Honolulu, Atlanta, Miami, Dubai, Christchurch (NZ), Los Angeles
• Generates optimized trip plan based on user inputs that include:
• Start location
• End location
• Trip duration up to 10 hours
• Integrated map support with routing and directions
• Ability to generate multiple trip plans for one or more cities
• Ability to share trip plan via email, Facebook and Twitter

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