You are in control with The Pocket God App (Video)

Pocket God by Bolt Creative is an iPhone game app that is more like a continuous epilogue. When you are having a bad day and you need to escape, Pocket God is the perfect substance to dull your pain.  Once you boot up the game you are in full control of up to 6 primitive crazed looking islanders. You control their existence! You can fling the islanders across the screen as rag dolls, feed them to sharks, break coconuts on their heads, but my personal favorite was the lightening.

You are God (only in the game) and you can change the weather amongst other things.  After you change the clouds to gray you can drag lightening out of the sky and electrocute the islanders to dust.  So by now you are feeling much better, because you have exacted much revenge on innocent ignorant islanders, who slightly resemble the people you work with.  The creators of Pocket God have kind of gone where no game app has gone before.  New Pocket God episodes have been coming out weekly since 01/09/09.  Each episode gives you new scenarios to mess with the islanders and ultimately control them (evil laugh).  The game play is not hard, but is fun and enjoyable. I applaud Bolt Creative for listening to their customers and for providing weekly new episodes at no additional cost.  This game sells for $.99 in the iTunes store and has a 3.5 star rating out of 2750 reviews. Maybe in a future episode we could see the islanders in a city environment dodging gangs, buses, the police, etc. CM

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Pocket God - Bolt Creative

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