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Next time you’re at a party with some friends, play the FREE iPhone game Youreka and see just how well you know your friends and yourself. Youreka is a social pass-and-play game between 3 to 6 people that starts with a word being read aloud by the “focus person” (as well as a short phrase), then each person must choose an answer for the question/statement regarding the word read aloud in association with the “focus person” from the 4 available options — as to how true the word reflects the “focus person.” The focus person even has to answer the question. At the end of a round, after all have answered the question a scoring screen appears to validate the answers.

free iphone app reviewsFREE iPhone App Reviews

A player scores points when his/her answer matches the focus person’s rating of him/herself. After a round is complete, there is an opportunity for comments and discussion about the previous questions (where the players each are trying to prove their case). Youreka, becomes a more intimate game the fewer the number of players and is more of a social experience the more people participating in a game. Want to find out more about friends, family, and possibly yourself, then give Youreka a try — for FREE. One little note, you get 6 words to play for FREE but additional words can be bought through in app purchase. Inject some more social fun into your next social gathering with Youreka. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Youreka FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Youreka
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Size: 67.3 MB
Developer: Intervisio
Store: iTunes App Store

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Youreka - Intervisio

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Youreka FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
How well do you think you know yourself ? YOUREKA is the hilarious SOCIAL PARTY GAME of mutual exploration for iPhone – by the end of the evening, you’ll know each other better than you ever expected!

Youreka is a social party game played in Pass ‘N Play mode between 3-6 players. The game gives players a set of words which describe different personal characteristics. In each turn players decide how well these specific words describe themselves and their friends. Be forewarned! Some words are provocative to generate light-hearted discussion and banter between friends.

Main features:

– Intimate party game to trigger comments, thoughts and many laughs.
– Pass‘N Play game mode between 3-6 players
– Plenty of content (+ option purchase more)
– Game sessions can take anything between 15 minutes to hours! – you choose!
– FACEBOOK integration; you can share the results on your profile and play the Facebook application

YOUREKA on Facebook:
YOUREKA is based on the hit Swedish tabletop game Orangino by Orangino AB.

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