Zazzle Casemate Custom iPhone Accessory Case and Giveaway

The folks over at provided CrazyMikesapps with 2 promo codes for custom iPhone 4/4S cases so we put one to the test and we are giving away the other promo code. The promo codes were for a custom created iPhone 4/4S case where you can upload your very own image and have the iPhone case created for you fully customized to be shown off on your iPhone. I created my very own iPhone 4S custom case with a CrazyMikesapps icon/logo and it came out very nice, took about 5 minutes to make (on the site), and I received the case within about 4 days of ordering. CrazyMikesapps has 1 extra promo code for 1 lucky viewer/reader to win their very own iPhone 4/4S custom case.

How to Win: Enter your reason in the comments below for “Why You Should Win The Case” — be creative, honest, dishonest, funny, sad, whatever — tell us your reason. On 12/31/11 at 3pm Mrs. CrazyMike will go through all comments and select the best comment in her opinion. The winner will get a free promo code to order their very own iPhone Custom Case 4/4S. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only for US residents and CrazyMikesapps is not responsible for any shipping/handling/complaints, etc. We are just the givers, giving you (the best commenter) an iPhone Custom Case order code valued at $34.95. Hurry and tell us why you deserve to win today!!!

Zazzle Casemate iPhone 4 custom case

Zazzle Casemate Accessory Details

Title: Custom iPhone Case
Cost: $34.95 to $39.95
Device: iPhone 4/4S
Manufacturer: Zazzle/Casemate

Zazzle Casemate Accessory Link

Custom iPhone 4/4S Case

Zazzle Casemate Accessory Description

Your custom case from Zazzle will not only make your iPhone 3G/3GS or iPhone 4/4S look amazing, but it will also protect your phone from the dings and scratches that come from everyday use. Whether you get one with a lightweight hard-shell case covered with soft fabric, a form- fitting flexible plastic shell, or a tough hard-shell case with an interior skin of silicone, your Zazzle iPhone case will give you an extra grip in-hand, making your phone easy and comfortable to use all day long. Order one of the brilliant designs from the marketplace, or create a unique iPhone case using your own images and text, and you’ll never want to put down your phone again! Zazzle iPhone cases make great gifts for the holidays and any other occasion. Zazzle’s iPhone cases ship in 3-7 days, so order yours today!

*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPhone accessory review.

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