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Crazy Zombie Game – Your Survival Depends On Your Reflexes (Video)

Do you have what it takes to beat the Crazy Zombie Game? Find out as you play this new iPhone Games app. This cartoon-style game takes you through a series of mini games that get faster and faster, and more challenging to complete. The object of the Crazy Zombie Game is to see how long you can survive!

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This physics puzzle game starts out at a reasonable pace. Mini games include: tapping spiders off the zombie’s pizza, placing mummies into caskets, or running from a scary monster, as well as others. The more mini games you complete the faster the game gets, which results in less time to beat each mini game. Play for point achievements that unlock not so spooky characters that will hang out with your zombie.

The Crazy Zombie Game is a fast-paced iPhone game that will test your reflexes to the max!

Crazy Zombie Game


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Crazy Zombie GameCrazy Zombie Gamecrazy-zombie-game-your-survival-depends-on-your-reflexes-video



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