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Zombie Diary – Nice Takeoff Shooter Of Zombieville USA (Video)

Zombie Diary is an Android arcade game similar to Zombieville USA. This bloody, zombie-dismembering shoot’em up game features 24 guns, 4 game maps, 5 character roles, upgradeable skills and lots and lots of zombies to exterminate.

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Zombie Diary is a freemium side scrolling shooter with a variety of different mission types. The in-app currency needed to purchase new weapons and get consumables is fairly easy to earn. Currency is earned by completing missions, achievements, and can be earned by participating in TapJoy offers. Surprisingly, the TapJoy offers provide a significant reward of in-game coin currency. The gameplay is pure shoot’em up zombie-splattering action. Also, this game does get a bit difficult after 5 to 7 levels, which may have you replaying levels to earn more cash to get better weapons.

Zombie Diary is a good zombie shooter that clearly resembles Zombieville USA, but nonetheless, it’s still a lot of fun to play!


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