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Zombie Fish Tank, Gnarly Zombified Fish Seeks Revenge (Video)

You’re a hungry flesh-eating fish that eats other fish in the new hit iOS game, Zombie Fish Tank. You’re out for revenge as you munch your way through 40 levels, collecting 80 twisted fish in this tilt-to-play zombie game.

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It all started when your girlfriend fish was stomped to death and you became an experiment. The Zombie Fish Tank game story is one of the best I have come across in a while. The excellent video story presented throughout the game is almost as good as the game itself. You start off as a smallish fish, eating yet smaller fish as the game begins. The more fish you eat, the quicker you will grow and be able to eat larger fish, because you begin to grow. There are plenty of dangerous obstacles to avoid along the way. And unlike most games, it seems there are more negative power-ups than positive.

iPhone Game Video Review for Zombie Fish Tank

There are goals for each level, which are pretty tough to complete. Ultimately, you’re trying to eat your way to the top. The 40 stages are all unique, 4 to a game area with 10 overall. All game areas follow the story, which also provides different gameplay for some areas.

Zombie Fish Tank is an awesomely fresh “Zombie Game” and a bargain for only $0.99.

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iPad App Video Review for Zombie GameZombie Fish Tank Video Review for iPad

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