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Zombie Frontier – Gun Zombie Dead Trigger Mash Up

This Android zombie game takes Dead Trigger and GUN ZOMBIE: HELLGATE, mashes them up, and you get the free Android zombie app Zombie Frontier. This zombie shooter game features plenty of shooting, different guns, and a bunch of zombies, but the gameplay is not quite as good as either previously mentioned games this app is obviously designed after.

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When I started to play, the menu to enter levels is almost exactly like Dead Trigger, and once I began to play I realized the gameplay itself is modeled almost identically on GUN ZOMBIE: HELLGATE. The game played good for a free zombie shooter and I did not have to spend any cash to unlock weapons, buy ammo, or upgrade my weapons. There are several in app opportunities to obtain currency, but you can blow real money if you want.


The gameplay is a little cheesy compared to GUN ZOMBIE: HELLGATE, the movement is not quite there and there aren’t as many zombie varieties. The developers for this game decided to make the same zombie, but in different colors giving them different difficulties to kill. The game is not bad, loaded okay and ran better than most Android games plus it’s free. I would not put this on the same level as Dead Trigger as far as gameplay quality, but it is not too far from being a great game.

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