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Zombie Road Trip, Zombie Game, Endless Zombie Carnage (video)

This zombie game, Zombie Road Trip, is a cross platform (iPhone, iPad, and Android) endless zombie killer game. You’ll drive like your car is stolen in this endless zombie driving game because you’re being chased by a large hoard of zombies flip, land, run over, decapitate zombies, and see how far you can get before being consumed by them.

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This zombie game is much like the hit online and iPhone game Earn to Die, and other zombie games where the objective is to see how far you can get while driving through endless zombie obstacles.



Zombie Road Trip is fun at first, but then you’ll find that you quickly hit a difficulty wall in this zombie game that requires patience to “earn” your way through collecting coins, which do not accumulate fast or purchase coins through in app purchase (IAP). I purchased the 2x coin multiplier for $1.99 and did not find it worth the money. The next best IAP starts at $2.99, which is high even for a good freemium game. Zombie Road Trip is a well made zombie game, but as with many freemium games the difficulty ramps up to try and force an IAP, which is unfortunate.



YouTube App Video Link: Zombie Road Trip iPad App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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