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Zombie Highway: Drive-Thru The Zombie Apocalypse (video)

Don’t stop to ask for directions on Zombie Highway because the zombies on this highway want only 1 thing, your brains.

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Get ready to plow, smash, sideswipe and shoot your way through several challenging endless gameplay packs. This zombie game features un-lockable vehicles, guns and numerous zombie highway locations. The game packs feature different difficulties such as with weapons, without weapons, driving in the fog, etc. that make the game more challenging. You will have to unlock the additional content not through in app purchase (IAP), but through your hard zombie-killing work. ifferent difficult-to-kill zombies as you motor farther and farther down Zombie Highway.

Zombie Highway is a must have, zombie road rage game for anyone who fears that their brain may be eaten by a zombie (and want to work on their practice escape plan). It’s also fun for the rest of us normal people.


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