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Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed, Not As Good As Zombie Highway (Video)

Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed is a game like many of its predecessors. It has sort of “sold out” to be a “paid app” with a strong in app purchase system. While this zombie game is still fun, you will have to grind your way through to level up several times to unlock the popper and other power-ups that make this game more fun to play.

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The original Zombie Highway is way better than Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed. However, Auxbrain still manages to keep this zombie “hit and run” game entertaining. This version of the Zombie Highway game does not have guns or multiple game areas. At this point, this zombie massacre game is an endless runner focused on scoring multipliers to level up.

Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed is a somewhat fresh version of the original Zombie Highway, but give me back my guns!


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