Zombie Kill of the Week, Amped Up Android Zombie Shooter Game

Today’s New App of the Day is an Android app called Zombie Kill of the Week. This Android platformer game is an amped up Zombie Shooter where you play as a tough guy blasting your way through zombies using a variety of weapons.

Zombie Kill of the Week App Summary

Panic Art Studios gives us a strangely surreal Zombie Shooter game with their Zombie Kill of the Week app. This Android platformer game features a tough guy blasting, hacking, and slashing his way through levels with weird oddities, like Easter Eggs. As you find your way through the levels, you will have to activate bouncers and figure out how to stay alive as long as possible. With never ending zombies, doors that cost cash to open, limited ammo and other factors, you may not live as long as you think. This game is free-to-play, only for the Android.

Zombie Kill of The Week Android App Review

Zombie Kill of the Week App Features

Zombie Kill of the Week is a retro style 16-bit zombie shooter. In the game you try to survive rounds of zombies, opening doors and activating bouncers to jump on higher ground. You can pick up weapons, upgrade them and hunt for the magic fridge which gives you a random weapon when opened.
You can customize your characters appearance as you like, you can choose between 40 different torso pieces and 40 different hats to make your character look how you like it! We also take in ideas for new clothing in our Facebook, so join our community and give us your requests, and we will fulfill them!

You can also unlock new weapons into the fridge, new perks to enhance your game play experience and unlock achievements to earn ZKW-Points!

– Magic Fridge that gives you a random powerful weapon when opened
– Lure zombies into a pack with a piece of meat, or throw a grenade at them!
– 4 Hand crafted large maps to explore
– over 40 different clothing pieces for both head and torso
– over 25 weapons to choose from
– Unique metal sound tracks for each stage!
– Optimized GUI design
– Hours and Hours of content!
– Survival -Mode with Online highscores
– Weekend With Zombies -Mode with experience and levels + earn ZKW-Points
– Play with up to 3 bots!
– Integrated with Immersion tactile effects

Android Zombie Shooter Game, Zombie Kill of the Week

Download The Zombie Kill of the Week App

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