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Zombie Road Rage – Endless Zombie Shooter!

Help redneck Roy Rage escape the Zombie Takeover by blasting his way through UnDeath Valley in Zombie Road Rage, using 7 different weapons to annihilate every blood-thirsty zombie in his path. We all know the Zombie Apocalypse is just around the corner and preparing yourself for this is just plain common sense; don’t you know?

Well, this game helps you hone your reaction skills, as well as your weapon proficiency on which weapons will kill zombies best as you drive Roy and his vehicle through the massive waves of undead zombies in this comical game. Zombie Road Rage (created by Appsomniacs’ Chad Towns — creator of Doodle Army ) is a redneck-inspired zombie shooter where you’ll drive for distance. The idea: drive until your truck falls apart or you run out of gas. The trick is to avoid the large number of zombies in your way because they will damage your truck if you run into them, as will rocks, dirt, potholes, or running off the road. To help you in your adventurous escape, you will have 7 different un-lockable weapons to wield in your defense, such as chainsaws, hunting rifles, automatic machine guns, and more.

iphone game app reviewsiphone game app reviews

You’ll have to be sure to pick up the big red gas cans in order to keep your (gas) vehicle going, or upgrade to the electric truck — which turns your red neck into a green-thinking individual who doesn’t need to stop for gas any longer. You can also upgrade your truck with armor plating, and be sure to grab all wrenches on the road to fix your truck’s health up. Zombie Road Rage is a fun game and with updates like leader board scoring, achievements, or Apple Game Center online live match, these additions will make this endless zombie shooter app even better. Check out the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at the Zombie Road Rage app. For more iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Zombie Road Rage iPhone App Details

Title: Zombie Road Rage
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 7.8 MB
Developer: Chad Towns
Store: iTunes App Store

Zombie Road Rage iPhone App Download Link

Zombie Road Rage - Chad Towns

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Zombie Road Rage iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

The creators of Doodle Army™ Present


Get ready for the wildest ride across Undeath Valley! You are Roy Rage a truck drivin’ redneck ready to take on the Zombie Apocalypse. Battle herds of flesh hungry zombies on your journey to score the best weaponry and gear that loot can buy.

You already know shooting zombies is fun, but now you can try it at 60mph! Dispose of the Zombie infestation any way you can. Take aim and use them as target practice, roll them over like speed bumps or turn them into bloody hood ornaments. Slay zombies to earn lot and buy cool new weapons. Then go the distance and beat your friends on the Game Center leader boards!

Use your finger or thumb on the left side to guide the truck. Press the right side to fire your weapon. Collect Gas and Wrenches to continue on your journey shoot anything that moves or screams BRAINS!!!!!

– 7 Un-lockable Weapons
– Endless Re-playability
– Game Center Score Tracking
– 3 Control Styles
– A “No Blood” option to satisfy that little girl in all of us.

Just check out these player reviews…

“Would even make a hillbilly squeal like a piggy!”

“Only zombies would enjoy the mindlessness of this game!”

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