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iPhone App Review

– If you are like me, you are probably tired of endless runner games. Zombie Runaway attempts to bring something new to the AppStore with a cute zombie running through a graveyard littered with headstones all over the path. The users runs as far as they can by either dodging or jumping over headstones. Oh, did I mention there are power-ups to smash through the headstones? While running, you can pick up a bicycle, jetpack, or some kind of pig-type animal. They each last a different amount of time, with the jet-pack lasting the longest. You can pick up hearts along the way as well, but these are rare. You can hold up to five hearts total, and when you start the game, you start with three. At the bottom of the screen, there are three buttons. The left button moves your zombie left; and the right button accordingly. But the middle button which is the biggest button is used to jump. As you advance, you run faster and more obstacles are thrown into the mix. There are spike boxes which impale you and end your game as soon as you hit them. There are coins that you can pick up as you go along too, and these can help you reach a high-score. They help because after you get a combo streak going, your score will go up considerably. The graphics look very crisp and clear on my iPod touch 4G with retina graphics. Another neat feature is that every time you get killed by a headstone, it will tell you a name of someone with a little ‘twist’ to their name. For example, I was just killed by “Wolfgang Amadeus Wozart”. The names do have a bit of humor to them, which can give you a chuckle and add a bit of re-play value. There is also a “blitz” mode which I still cannot completely figure out. The instructions for it are not very clear, but basically you have 1 minute to gain as many points as you can. It can be fun to pop this mode open for a quick gaming session. Not to mention, there are un-lockable “rewards” which can give you a big advantage. Overall, it is one of the better endless runners I have played, but not the best.Slimothy
iphone app reviewiphone app review

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Title: Zombie Runaway
Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Com2Us
Store: iTunes App Store

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Zombie Runaway - Com2uS Inc.

iphone app review

iPhone App Details

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