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The Zombie Tsunami Android Game, 1 of A Kind Endless Runner (Video)

The Zombie Tsunami Android game is one of the best Endless Runner Games in the Google Play App Store. This unique zombie runner game lets you create your own zombie hoard as you run through cars, busses and planes gobbling up people along the way!

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This funny, free zombie endless runner game has you running as a zombie, but there’s more! You start off as 1 zombie, but you collect humans along the way and grow from 1 into a hoard of zombies. Once you get your own zombie hoard you can mow through cars, busses and planes gobbling up large numbers of humans to make your zombie hoard grow even larger. Some bonuses in this game are the awesome power-ups like the Tsunami (yes, this game is called Zombie Tsunami for a reason), the Ninja, and others that will make you want to play time after time to see how many zombies you can get up to.

The Zombie Tsunami Android app is a free game and a must-have for anyone with an Android. Watch the Android video review to see why!

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  1. I think the game’s main reason for it popularity on Android is THE ONLY ONE CONTROL – touch to jump; the jump height depends on how long you hold.